Western Petroleum – How Can I Apply?


Western Petroleum as the name implies deals in the oil industry and has carved a niche for itself over time by distinguishing itself amongst others as the best among the rest.


Job Opportunities at this company will earn you a great deal of expertise and network with influential people across the globe. Everyone would want to work here due to the great pay. Stay tuned to know more about Western Petroleum.

Western Petroleum - How Can I Apply?

More About Western Petroleum

Western Petroleum Newfoundland limited was founded in 1990 by Ivan Cassell on the West Coast of Newfoundland and has flourished  to become the largest independent owned supplier of automotive, marine, construction, home heating and aviation fuel in Newfoundland. This collective development will immeasurably aid personal development for employees too.

Moreover, Western Petroleum employs 80 people directly and approximately 300 people indirectly. This stats show that the company values its workforce amongst other things. This company sells and delivers oil in numerous communities structured around 10 heating centres across Western, Central and Eastern regions of the province.


Also, Western Petrol operates a dealer of network of service stations in over 70 communities throughout rural Newfoundland and currently expanding in other locations as opportunities are made available. The company’s distinguished services have earned it partnership with Shell Canada Lubricants in Newfoundland and delivery agency for Pennzoil (also referred to as Quaker state).

However, before delving exhaustively into the benefits this company offers you as an employee, it is necessary to examine the driving force of the company, its core values and culture. Western Petroleum is driven towards becoming the preferred choice supplier of automotive and heating fuel to rural areas in Newfoundland, while still retaining the company values of fair and honest dealings with all of her customers and associates.

Benefits of Working at Western Petroleum

At Western Petroleum, as an employee, you learn a lot of core values required of employees home and abroad. A very important one is honesty which is expressly stated in the company’s mission statement. A golden rule says Honesty is the best policy which at Western petroleum , you will be made to imbibe.

Furthermore,  at Western Petroleum, you learn to be very hardworking due to the work time. Your level of diligence has to be optimal leading to all round efficiency. This is a result of the Company’s opening hours which is 24 hours everyday.

Nevertheless, there is provision for division of labour and aids from the company which makes it easier by taking shifts to rest or handle situations that require utmost attention and other incentives like health benefits, competitive wages, safe workplace and matched retirement plan.

How to Apply for Job at Western Petroleum

After adequate information about the company’s work as a whole and the incentives available as an employee. It becomes essential to examine the right steps to take when applying for Jobs at the company. To apply for jobs at Western Petroleum, log on to the company’s website. Click on the menu tab and click on career. After doing this, the website will display benefits available and job opportunities available after which you pick your desired choice amongst them and fill in your necessary details. After this, wait for an email from Western petroleum for further instructions.