Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Around the World

Google has regularly claimed top spots on the annual list of the 50 best places to work for Glassdoor, as well as the annual list of the 100 best companies on which Fortune magazine has consulted numerous times over the years.

In 2020, on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list, Google was classified as number 11. Google provides career advancement opportunities, while also encouraging philanthropy and creativity.

Do you dream of working with Google? Has this company always been on your top places to work list? Well, up next we’re going to tell you about all the opportunities you have with Google Careers, and we’ll cover the following topics along the way:

  • Why Work with Google?
  • Personal Wellness Benefits
  • Google’s Hiring Process
  • Diversity at Google
  • Applicant Evaluation
  • Available Jobs
Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
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Why Work with Google?

In terms of market capitalization, Google has all that an employee would demand from one of the United States’ largest corporations. Google aims to make life easier for its workers.

Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
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They have bicycles and electric vehicles to get workers to meetings, organic parks, gaming centers, and eco-friendly furnishings. It actively looks for ways to boost its Googlers’ health, well-being, and morale.

Innovation is so important to Google that one of its values enables Google workers to spend 20% of their time exploring new ideas they are passionate about.

From this concept, products and applications such as Google News, Google Alerts, and Google Maps Street View have been born. Working at Google offers a feeling of contributing to the global population for workers.


Other Perks

To keep its workforce happy and safe, Google provides on-site doctors, nurses, emergency services, and health insurance coverage.

Maintaining your physical health is vital to function for work but is a tedious task, as it requires exercise and diet. Work can take so much of your time and you’ll forget to exercise. But at Google, you can hit the gym anytime you want for free to relieve stress or for fitness purposes.

Googlers can fly without worries as well; workers are compensated for personal and work-related holidays with travel insurance and emergency assistance. They are also entitled to take the free shuttle services in and out of Googleplex.


Personal Wellness Benefits

Aside from professional growth, Google values your personal wellness. They understand that this is necessary to produce quality performance and outputs.

Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
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Googlers are entitled to unlimited food and snacks. The food offered is also diverse from pasta, sushi, salads, baked goods, and a lot more. They can also get sleep any time of the day on the decompression capsules provided.

For a job well done, Googlers will have a massage credit, which is redeemable for a one-hour massage session in their indoor spa. Also, you can get groomed for free by availing yourself of the haircut services.

If you wish to consider your workplace to be your new home, Google allows you to bring your beloved dogs to work. The only rule is that you are responsible for their mess. Lastly, you can do your laundry at work for free.

Other Benefits

Google encourages its employees to be lifelong learners through its Global Educational Leave program, which allows them to take a leave from work to pursue higher studies. They will cover all the costs for their education until completion.

Maternity and paternity leaves are also offered by Google. Mothers can take up to 22 weeks of paid leave, while fathers can have seven weeks of paid leave. There is also one-on-one consultation open for scheduling regarding daycare options, money to spend on baby, and more.

If a Googler passes away while being an employee, the spouse and the children will receive the death benefits that include all stock vests and insurances. The spouse will receive half of the salary for the next 10 years and the children will get $1000 per month until they reach the age of 19.

Google’s Hiring Process

A significant part of our culture is Google’s recruiting process. Googlers take a keen interest in their teams and the individuals that make them up.

Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
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They also care about creating a more representative and inclusive workplace, and that starts with recruitment.

They know that they need various backgrounds and experiences to make for everyone, and the first step in getting there is a fair hiring process.

The hiring process in Google includes these steps: Self Reflection, Job Searching, Updating the Resume, Online Application, Interviews, and Decision and Offer.

Job-Specific Resume

To create your job-specific resume, do the following for each position. Match your ability and experience with the definition of the work. Link your work directly (and don’t forget to include data) to the job qualifications.

Be clear about the projects that you have been working on or overseeing. What was the result? How has performance been measured? Lean on the formula that looks like this: “accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z]” when in question.

Include school assignments or coursework that show specific skills and expertise, whether you are a recent university graduate or have little job experience.

Diversity at Google

Google vows to provide equal opportunity to all individuals across different backgrounds. This vision is further strengthened with Google’s Equal Opportunity Policy.

Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
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They do not only welcome diversity, as Google says, they celebrate and support it. They hire applicants solely based on their professional qualifications and other necessary merits and competence.

The Google Equal Opportunity Policy prohibits any employee or applicant from being discriminated against because of their race, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, color, marital status, age, and others.

Also, Google hires applicants regardless of their criminal records that are consistent with legal requirements. The said policy is being upheld by the company and all its employees in all positions.

How to Apply

Tell Google who you are, what you do, and where you’d like to be using the job search tool, then start looking at some of the matching listings. As you browse, bear in mind that you can apply for up to three jobs every 30 days.

You just have to click the Apply button on the job description once you find the perfect job opportunity for you. You will be asked to sign in with your Google account and upload your resume which should not exceed 2 MB in size.

Not getting an opportunity for an interview may be a matter of timing rather than representing your abilities or qualifications. So if things don’t work out with your first app, don’t let that deter you from applying in the future.

Applicant Evaluation

Not all of these may be relevant to your job, but here are some of the ways they evaluate candidates. Online evaluations: After you have submitted your resume, you will be asked to do a short online review, such as a coding quiz.

Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
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Quick virtual chats: You’ll usually have one or two shorter telephone or video calls before diving into more in-depth interviews.

Project work: Before their in-depth interviews, they often ask applicants to complete a small project. This may range from prepping a case study to offering samples of writing or coding.

In-depth interviews: They get excited about the interview and take it seriously because Google is what Googlers do at the risk of sounding cliché. Their process can be thorough (typically 3-4 one-day interviews, either on video or in-person), but it is also intended to be fun, warm, and allow you to get to know us better.

Internship with Google

If you are looking for a good internship program, Google may be a great choice for you. There are several programs that include engineering and business-related opportunities.

One of the well-known programs is the Build Opportunities for Leadership & Development (BOLD) Internship Program. The interns in the program will help identify problems and collaborate to create solutions with the Sales, Marketing, and People Operations teams.

Internship programs usually run for 12-14 weeks depending on the team and program you are in. Google takes interns depending on the availability of roles. Sometimes you can choose your location. The application requires you to submit your resume and wait for the call for an interview.

Available Jobs

Google has a wide array of job options, including jobs in the following areas.

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Sales, Service & Support
  • Design
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Facilities
Google Careers: How to Find Jobs at Google Online Around the World
Image Source: Google Careers

As a top technology firm in the world, Google will always look for visionary engineers and technology-enthusiasts to solve hard problems in technology. This is where innovation comes into fruition.

Living with the motto “users first”, the team members of Marketing & Communications are focused on telling compelling stories to define how people perceive Google around the world.

In order to provide client solutions from the innovated products, the Sales, Service & Support team aims to develop new business opportunities for small-scale or large-scale companies while increasing product offerings.

Design, Business Strategies, Finance, Legal

Google is always in need of new members for the Design Team. Some of the specific roles are Motion Designer, Visual Designer, Industrial Designer, and a lot more.

Googlers in the Business Strategy Team identifies potential business opportunities for the company and execute plans and campaigns to achieve goals.

To keep track of the balance sheet, the Finance Team provides answers on accounting, project management, and forecasting problems. The Legal Team innovates solutions for complex business issues and creates policies to shape the future of Internet Law and Policy.


Even though Google employees are highly intelligent, there is no rocket science into what lures them in. Google encourages creativity and provides a workspace where you don’t have to worry about anything beyond creating.

Tech companies around the globe are following Google’s lead to get the best minds into their corridors.