Jobs and Benefits at Murphy USA

If you consider yourself an overachiever, you will surely enjoy working for a company whose spirit is to strive to be the best. Not only that, employees will be driven to perform their best at work when there is good compensation and benefits. 

At Murphy USA, you will be doing more than selling gas, you will be helping customers to go the extra mile. The company is committed to delivering quality service to customers while maximizing the strengths of its employees.


Keep reading to learn more about Murphy USA and the job opportunities it has. Learn about all the benefits of working with them and how to apply for those positions.

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  • Benefits of Working at Murphy USA
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About Murphy USA

Murphy USA has been in business since 1996 and is a well-known gas retail chain that is usually found near Walmart stores because of previous partnerships or agreements. 

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It is a popular place for people to save on gas since they offer the lowest prices. Murphy USA employees give their top effort to serve people because they know many depend on their product and service. 


The company continues to grow with over 1,500 fueling stations as of the end of 2020. Murphy USA now operates in 26 states all over the country. More than 1,000 stores are found near Walmart stores, making them easy to find.

The expansion continued as the company launched a spin-off of their main product called Murphy Oil focusing on hydrocarbon exploration in Texas. They also purchased Quickchek convenience stores worth $645 million.

More About Murphy USA

The company is driven by the principles of integrity, respect for customers and employees, and citizenship. It is rooted in its mission as a company to help improve the quality of life around the area. 


The mission also includes Murphy USA to give back to their team members, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. As proof, the company has a national partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to give back to the community by helping shape future generations.

With a strong core in delivering quality service to its customers while giving value to its employees, Murphy USA earned a spot on the 2018 Forbes Fortune 500 list, placing 297th.

Brands of Murphy USA

The company started as a place to save on fuel expenses while providing great deals on family snacks and drinks. The expansion of the company lead to various acquisitions and the establishment of brands under the parent company.

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At present, there are three main brands of the company which are: Murphy USA, Murphy Express, and QuickChek. We’ve already discussed Murphy USA so let’s detail the further two.

Murphy Express are stand-alone fuel refilling stations located far from any Walmarts. There are more products and services offered at Murphy Express because they are much bigger than Murphy USA. Customers have access to ATMs, coffee, frozen drinks, and other convenience items.

QuickCheck is a recent acquisition of the company. It offers fresh convenience to its customers in terms of its products like sandwiches, made-to-order subs, fresh coffee, and more. 

Products of Murphy USA

Since the company is in the fuel-related industry, its main products are fuels. Murphy USA also has the FuelAssure which has advanced payment technology and guaranteed fuel quality. 

Murphy USA offers the following fuel varieties: E-10 (10% Ethanol, 90% Unleaded Gasoline), E-15 (10%-15% Ethanol, 85%-90% Unleaded Gasoline), FlexFuel (Unleaded Gasoline blended with 51%-83% ethanol), and E0 (Unleaded Gasoline with 1% ethanol or less).

For diesel, Murphy USA has Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), Bio-Diesel, and Winterized Diesel. Note that, the availability of fuel and diesel in different locations varies so make sure to check the nearest to you for the products.

Job Opportunities on Murphy USA

There are four career areas with corresponding job positions that you can apply for in Murphy USA. These are Store Level, Store Managers, Field Leadership, and Corporation.

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Firstly, you can choose to apply for a retail job or store level one. Here you can play different roles such as Sales employee or Assistant Store Manager. You can also become a cashier or a Store Shift Lead. 

These positions are considered the face of the company as they are the ones who directly deal with the customers. Employees on the store level position are expected to spread smiles while delivering quality service with their big hearts.

The Store Managers are crucial in the operation of the team as they are the ones who organize and stabilize the team. In this position, you will need your leadership and communication skills while honing them at the same time. 

More Job Opportunities on Murphy USA

For Field Leadership, the employees are expected to build and develop teams ready to deliver quality service to the customers as promised. You can either be a District Manager or Division Officer in this category who offers guidance and assistance to other team members.

Secondly, if you would prefer to join a corporation, you can apply for a Home Office position. Here, you will be providing help to other members to build their careers, while you build yours as well. 

Murphy USA can indeed offer you an opportunity to advance your career. There is a wide variety of vocations to choose from wherein you can utilize your skills and strengths and eventually hone another skill set.

Benefits of Working at Murphy USA

At Murphy USA, they acknowledge that a career is more than just a paycheck and benefits as employees are now looking for working environments where they can be productive, and have enjoyment simultaneously.

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This is why they invest in their employees with competitive pay and benefits, and the opportunity to advance within the company. They offer competitive wages, a monthly commission plan, and comprehensive benefits. 

You may choose to be in their store locations or the corporate office. Murphy USA provides in both cases many exciting options and guidance to help you get to your preferred position. What is more, you will have access to the Career Development Murphy USA program. 

They offer an education tuition assistance program of up to 80% of your tuition. The company provides training and development programs to help employees become productive workers. Their training programs are for all levels of their Sales and Operations team.

More on Benefits of Working at Murphy USA

If you join the Home Office team, Murphy USA provides instructor-led training and cohort round tables in the topics related to each area. In this way, employees continue to add credits to their professional education.

To further motivate the employees to do well in their jobs, they constantly give performance-based bonuses. Also, they made available the option of on-demand access to earned wages.

Employees are also entitled to parental, sick, and vacation leaves, and provide 401k retirement benefits to its employees.

Applying for a Murphy USA Job

If you would like to become a team member at Murphy USA, start your job search on their website. Look for the Search Jobs button, and proceed to look for the best position for you.

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The website shows a map with the different states with the number of vacancies. You can also filter the vacancies according to career areas or location. In this way, it will be easier to find the vacancy that suits your preference on the position and location. 

Interestingly, the website is like the other job search engines because it contains the dates when the vacancy was posted. Most importantly, you can read the entire job description once you click on the vacancy post you are interested in. 

It has comprehensive information on the general description of the job position. Learn the essential duties and responsibilities demanded by the role. Lastly, you will know whether you can apply for the position based on the specific qualifications and requirements for the position.

More on Applying for a Murphy USA Job

The fact that Murphy USA presents the necessary information about its vacancies and positions in the company shows that they want individuals who are the best fit for the position. In just a few clicks on the website, you will know whether you are appropriate for the role.

Applying happens right on the website as you will be asked to sign in by creating an account or linking your LinkedIn Account. The company will ask for your basic information that can be relevant for the position and the application. 

If you have any doubts, you can visit Murphy USA’s website to explore and learn more about their job opportunities and their company.


Murphy USA proves that as one of the leading fuel retail station companies in the United States, they must not only take care of their customers but also their employees. They give importance to the well-being of the employees, so they can deliver their best service to the customers.

There are several career areas with available job opportunities on the company that you can explore through their website.