Learn More About Job Opportunities at McDermott

Do you have the drive to solve problems and handle complex, large-scale projects? If your answer is yes, you are one of the people that McDermott is looking for.

The company is seeking talented individuals with backgrounds in engineering, construction, and management of critical infrastructure. They need people who can ensure compliance with industry standards, uphold best practices, and thrive in strategic design and innovation.


If you’re up for the challenge, learn more about McDermott and its organization in this article.

  • About McDermott
  • What McDermott Does
  • Jobs at McDermott
  • Professional Development Programs at McDermott
  • McDermott’s Code of Business Conduct
  • Health, Safety, and Wellness at Work
  • Salaries at McDermott
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About McDermott

McDermott provides engineering, construction, and technology-driven solutions for energy companies. 

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McDermott’s services cover almost everything for gas and oil products, from concept to commission. The company calls its ability to deliver end-to-end solutions “One McDermott Way.”


Those solutions are for technology, engineering, fabrication services, CB&I storage solutions, onshore construction, marine construction vessels, and procurement and supply chain management.

McDermott also offers solutions in consulting and startup, commissioning, and operations. They have projects of all scopes and sizes in over 100 countries.


McDermott serves companies in various sectors, such as chemicals and petrochemicals, upstream, refining, LNG, power, industrial storage, and water and wastewater.


Its corporate office is located in Houston, Texas, and also operates worldwide in Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Australia.

What McDermott Does

When you work at McDermott, you’ll be exposed to different types of activities and processes critical to energy projects

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McDermott supplies fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI) services to offshore field developments. The company is an expert in concept development, design, fabrication, construction, and initial operation of LNG facilities. 

It is a leader in constructing oil and gas processing facilities, handling everything from engineering to commissioning services. It uses Lummus Technology, a leading licensor of proprietary petrochemicals, refining, gasification, and gas processing technologies.

McDermott’s sustainable solutions for energy transition include sustainable engineering, green and blue hydrogen, liquefaction and storage, and carbon capture, storage, and utilization. For the power industry, the company provides fabrication, design, engineering, construction, and commissioning capabilities.

Industrial Storage

CB&I Storage Solutions, McDermott’s storage business, is a world leader in designing and building storage facilities, tanks, and terminals. It provides global expertise and strategically located operations for complex energy infrastructure projects.

Among its solutions are the CB&I Water and Wastewater Egg Shaped Digesters, Clarifiers, Reservoirs and Standpipes, and CB&I Low Temperature & Cryogenic Storage Systems.

It also offers CB&I Atmospheric Storage Tanks and Terminals, Pressure Vessels, CB&I Elevated Water Storage Tanks, and CB&I Thermal Energy Storage Tanks.

Jobs at McDermott

McDermott has job openings for almost all levels and types of roles in the fields of engineering, technology, and more.

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You will come across the available positions on the careers page of McDermott. The job categories are Engineering, Finance, Onshore Construction, Marine, and Supply Chain.

The others are Health Safety Environment & Security, Information Technology, Fabrication, Fleet Operations, and Commissioning. You can simply select the fields you are interested in. 

When you tap a position, you will be directed to the page that displays the job details. It shows the title of the position, job overview, key responsibilities, and qualifications.

How to Apply at McDermott

If you would like to work at McDermott, prepare your updated resume. Make sure your credentials and past work experiences match the description of the job you’re interested in.

Head to the careers page of McDermott’s website. Choose a job opening based on location, field, or schedule. Tap the title of the position.

When you have reviewed the requirements of the job, click on the “Apply Online” button. You will be asked to sign in or create an account on the site. After logging in, follow the succeeding instructions to complete the application process.

McDermott’s Code of Business Conduct

When you become a part of McDermott, you will be observing its Code of Business Conduct. 

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The Code of Business Conduct values integrity or doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It is also about leading by example, open communication, and humility. 

McDermott is keen on unifying its organization under a single philosophy. It is open to feedback and diverse viewpoints when making decisions for the company.  

McDermott encourages a solutions-oriented approach to everything. It means being open to new ways of doing things and supporting employees who want to step out of their comfort zone.

Workplace Culture at McDermott

In terms of working conditions, McDermott shapes values that promote its collaborative culture. It is a place where every opportunity can lead to a new project, new business, or professional growth. The “One McDermott Way” starts with the idea that all employees belong to a single, cohesive team. 

They encourage sticking to a schedule, quality, cost, and realistic plans. They associate commitment with ownership and accountability, the development of the people, and achieving results amidst adversity. 

McDermott values safety, mental health, and work-life harmony. The company believes that it is everyone’s moral obligation to look out for others. There is also a need to protect and preserve the environment in which people live and work. 

Professional Development Programs at McDermott

If you become an employee at McDermott, you will have a chance to expand your skills and boost your career through the company’s professional development programs.

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McDermott implements a global mentoring program for leaders that focuses on knowledge sharing and relationship building. It also has a program for early-career employees who want to hone their leadership skills.

The company rolls out development programs for female leaders. The goal of the program is to equip them with actionable steps and best practices. Meanwhile, process and technology engineers are given the chance to exchange positions with employees from other locations to be exposed to different experiences and cultures.

Individuals interested in project management enter an academy that allows them to dive deep into the discipline. Soldiers and veterans who want to transition from military service to high-skill employment in industrial construction are encouraged to attend the company’s craft training. 

Educational Programs

If you would like to further deepen your education and industry exposure, you can try out McDermott’s summer internship program. It aims to teach interns critical, real-world skills while immersing in first-hand career experiences.

Meanwhile, the company’s Graduate Development Program is based on perspectives from multiple viewpoints. It allows participants to work in different positions in a rotational program as they explore their career paths.

Health, Safety, and Wellness at Work

Since McDermott specializes in fieldwork-oriented disciplines like engineering and construction, ensuring the safety of its people is a priority.

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McDermott is committed to upholding Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSES). It also encourages its subcontractors, partners, and clients to work with them in achieving an outstanding QHSES performance.

To reach the highest quality in everything they do, McDermott keeps stakeholders involved in developing processes and improvement initiatives to achieve project excellence and delivery. The company is also implementing sustainable solutions for the proper utilization of natural resources.

In terms of health, McDermott promotes the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of its people. Their belief is that people perform best when they are healthy and well

Safety and Security

McDermott assures its employees and clients that they take a disciplined approach to safety and ensure quality of life in the company. 

It also uses comprehensive security solutions that continuously assess known risks while predicting future risks. 

With this proactive approach, the company aims to build a working environment that produces efficiency and schedule reliability. 

Salaries at McDermott

According to Comparably, the average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at McDermott is $131,949, or $63 per hour. The estimated median salary at McDermott is $131,514, or $63 per hour.

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If you join the Engineering department, expect the average salary to be at $148,826, Design at $114,170, Operations at $100,750, and Business Development at $155,769. 

The Director of Product takes home $214,369 while a group product manager earns $222,285. A Principal Engineer receives $167,720 while a QA manager gets $130,267.

Highest Paying Job Titles

The Director of Sales earns the highest salary at $231,156 annually while the lowest is a receptionist at $39,027 annually. 

The highest paying job titles at McDermott include Fleet Manager, Audit Manager, and Change Management Manager.


Working at McDermott means maximal growth for you. With its programs and benefits, the company is able to promote employee growth and professional development. 

McDermott’s global presence provides access to the resources critical to the success of everyone and the organization as a whole. If you’re pursuing a career in engineering, IT, or construction, be a part of McDermott and experience dynamism, innovation, and meaningful challenges.