Get a Job at Hollywood


For those who dream with a career in the center of the entertainment and digital media industry, Hollywood is the answer. Entertainment industry firms compress the main economic activity of the county of Los Angeles. Out of this economic pillar come thousand of job openings. Keep reading to learn more about the possible job opportunities at Los Angeles, Hollywood.


An Insight Into Hollywood

Hollywood was established in 1853. It started from scratch, with a single adobe hut on land outside Los Angeles, California. Hollywood begun as a thriving and successful agricultural community. It was in the early 1900s that filmmakers began moving to the Los Angeles area. This was very convenient for filming companies. It became very difficult for independent filmmakers to thrive in New Jersey, since moviemaking patents belonged to Edison.

As a result, when they moved to Hollywood, they were able to get away from the strict rules imposed by Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company in New Jersey. Los Angeles was an ideal venue to develop their business since they were free of Edison’s controls and weather conditions and varied terrain were useful. Today, it has become the world’s entertainment capital.

Get a Job at Hollywood

Hollywood’s Job Diversity

Hollywood offers an incredible array of job opportunities in each of its industries. Directly or indirectly, Hollywood is responsible for nearly 586,000 jobs in the Los Angeles county. It yields over USD 43 billion in labor income. Moreover, the industry generates over USD 120 billion annually. Of that, USD 47 billion comes directly from the entertainment industry.


For starters, only at the entertainment industry, there are multiple areas in which you could work. For instance, if you meet the qualifications, you can get a job at the the Motion Picture and Video Related Sectors. These gather the largest concentration of activity, since they accounted for the lion’s share of industry employment with 117,841 job.

Moreover, you can join the Sound Recording and Production sector. Another business sector is Radio, Television and Cable, since there is a huge number of broadcasting companies.

Also, the entertainment industry is also popular for its big number of freelance talented workers. The industry presents a diversified labor pool. Freelance artists, writers, lighting, sound, and other production professionals, as well as agents and managers compose it. Freelance workers amounted almost 85,032 in 2010. This number has consistently grown over the years, and it means that more job opening become available.

Furthermore, freelance talents can join the Live Entertainment and Performing Arts sector as well or become agents or managers.

How to Get a Job at Hollywood

If you want to be part of the entertainment industry, there are many big companies that are usually hiring. You can check their respective websites to see the current job openings and fill an online application.

Most of household name companies are not based on Hollywood. Paramount, Warner Bros., Sony, NBCUniversal, Walt Disney, ABC, CBS, and Fox are distributed all over California. Most of these are located in Burbank, Universal City, Culver City, and Santa Monica. L.A. Paramount is the only one of the six major studios that still has headquarters at Hollywood.

However, Hollywood still houses numerous independent studies. These include Sunset/Gower and Bronson Studies, Raleigh Studios, RED Studios, and Prospect Studios.

As regards the rest of the entertainment industry, local network and independent television and radio stations are located in several parts of Los Angeles (City), as well as Glendale and Burbank. Moreover, live entertainment venues are scattered throughout Los Angeles County. One of the largest facilities is Staples Center in downtown.

Summing up, you can start your career at any of these big companies. Start your job search today!