Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Makeup is a worldwide phenomenon involving the application of cosmetics such as lipstick or powder to enhance or alter your appearance. It can be a difficult process that requires a great deal of skill to complete correctly.  You must properly learn how to do makeup and get good at it because one mistake can ruin everything.

You may want to learn makeup artistry but do not know how or do not have the time. Even if you are working, in school, or otherwise busy, you can easily learn makeup online whenever you want. Check out some of the online makeup and beauty courses available.


Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Alison – Diploma in Makeup Artistry

This diploma program teaches you to apply professional-level makeup for various looks and occasions, such as films and photoshoots. The course also covers selecting makeup tools such as brushes and running your beauty business.

The diploma program provides lessons on eye, face, and beauty makeup with examples and exercises to give you a solid foundation in the cosmetic industry and allow you to turn your new skills into a career. Here are the main topics to be discussed for the diploma certification.

  • Why People Use Makeup
  • History of Cosmetics
  • Makeup as a Career
  • Skin Care
  • Makeup Tools
  • Working with Brushes
  • Skintone and Foundation
  • Corrective Makeup
  • Beauty Makeup
  • Eye Makeup
  • Face Makeup
  • Makeup Applications
  • Occasions and Business

Alison’s Diploma in Makeup Artistry is free to enroll in, study, and complete, so all you have to do is sign up on the website. To complete the diploma program, you must score at least 80% on each course assessment. There are three types of diplomas for completed Alison courses.

  • Digital Diploma – downloadable diploma in PDF format
  • Diploma – physical version of the officially branded and security-marked diploma
  • Framed Diploma – physical version of the branded formally and security-marked diploma in a stylish frame

BeautyHealthTravel – Basic Makeup Class: Beginner

If you do not have much time, check out this YouTube video by BeautyHealthTravel, primarily a class presentation on makeup basics. You can learn about the foundation face cover, lips, brows, and eye makeup from makeup professionals and experts, such as Norma Blaque and Elevenia Gutierrez.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

The video answers various questions regarding makeup cover-up, how to do eyebrows, how to color lips, client consolation, and how to retain makeup clientele. Your questions about the basics of makeup are answered in this Basic Makeup Class video.


The presenters polled the audience to find out what they were most interested in seeing, and the students responded that they wanted to see skin cover and eyebrows. This course is designed for the following individuals.

  • Professionals working in beauty salons and spas
  • Students attending beauty schools
  • Estheticians
  • Skin care therapists and specialists

Bela Beauty College – Makeup Artistry Course

Bela Beauty College’s Certificate in Makeup Artistry covers everything you need to know to get started in the makeup industry. There is no prerequisite knowledge required. You will learn the fundamentals of maintaining a clean and sterile work environment and how to apply makeup to any canvas.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

It’s a hands-on learning experience comprised of simplified step-by-step video tutorials and comprehensive text-based guides to guide you through your training. This online makeup course includes access to your VIP student group and a full tutor support service.

Bela Beauty College set up a virtual classroom where you can communicate with your tutors and other students taking your course. To unlock the course guide, you must pay $25 per week. After completing the classes, you will receive a certificate that you can either put in a frame and hang in your office or attach to your resume.

Lakme Academy – Makeup Course

With the foundation and advanced makeup courses at Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech, young people like you can improve your skills and become professional makeup artists. In makeup classes at Lakmé Academy, you can try out different trends, beauty products, and tools.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

This helps you become a professional makeup artist who knows what they are doing. You will learn much about the makeup industry through the courses, which is important if you want to win big and leave your mark on beauty and wellness.

Depending on your level, you can finish the course in one to two months. Discover the hands-on training on these topics you will get in Lakme Academy’s makeup course.

  • Facial anatomy
  • Contouring techniques
  • Advanced correction and sculpting
  • Bridal makeup
  • Fantasy makeup
  • Film, fashion, and glamour makeup
  • Personal grooming
  • Introduction to photography and creating stunning visuals
  • Color application

Pratibha Salian – Free Online Makeup Artist Class

Pratibha Salian, a makeup artist, based in Mumbai, has launched a free online makeup class specifically geared toward beginners. The free course will educate you on the various skin types, how to properly prepare the skin before applying makeup, and how to work with multiple skin types.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

The Free Online Makeup Artist Class of Pratibha Salian is available on YouTube. This makeup course is carefully crafted for people who have never used makeup or have limited knowledge of makeup tools, makeup application, skin types, etc.

It was made as a gift for people who cannot afford a makeup class or can’t go to one. Salian encourages the subscribers and viewers to follow along with her instructions and tips on makeup, so they practice every day. New videos will be added every Tuesday and Friday.

Rita Charitable Trust – Free Beautician Diploma Courses

The Rita Charitable Trust provides free online and offline courses that the Indian government accredits. These courses cover a wide range of beauty topics, but you can select the ones on make-up that interest you.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Anyone can apply for this course, but you must be between 18 and 50. If you exclude Sundays and holidays, the total class duration will be ten months (874 hours). All students must complete at least 80% of the total course duration.

Your certificate will be issued by the central government and your state government. Plus, it is not only valid in India. It is valid in a total of 129 countries. After completing your course, you will have the opportunity to begin a better career anywhere in the world.

Scalpa – Permanent Makeup Online Training

The Scalpa online ombré brow training course includes theory, practical exercises, and video demonstrations of the technique. The course is self-paced and has no time requirements, so you can work at your own pace. The program has already trained tens of thousands of individuals across the globe.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Training is completely free for you to access and study. If you wish to become certified and advance your skills to the next level, you will need a training kit to practice and submit your assignments.

Aside from ombre brow, you can also learn various lessons on permanent makeup with Scalpa’s Academy.

  • Free Microblading Training
  • Free Ombré Brow Training
  • Free PMU Lip Training
  • PMU Eyeliner
  • Paramedical Tattoo Training
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • PMU Removal
  • PMU Eyeliner
  • Advanced Color Theory
  • Advanced Brow Correction
  • Advanced Eyeliner Correction
  • Advanced PMU – Faux Freckle

Skillshare – Online Makeup Classes

Skillshare has a wide range of makeup and beauty classes. Once you have signed up for the site, you can browse the courses. Then you can find those you can begin taking for free and become a skilled makeup artist by learning about these topics

  • Eyebrow makeup
  • Evening looks
  • Glam looks
  • How to make your face makeup last
  • How to use tools – eyeliner, eyeshadow, and makeup brushes

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Skillshare classes will motivate you to learn more about makeup. Whether you are looking for makeup classes for beginners or a seasoned makeup artist looking to learn new techniques for applying makeup in a more effective and detailed manner, you will find helpful information here.

You can also learn more about makeup color theory to understand better how to experiment with and create new looks for yourself. Each Skillshare class, divided into short lessons, allows you to create and share hands-on projects while connecting with other creators.

Udemy – Basics Makeup Course

Learn everything from the best skincare routine for a simple glamorous smokey eye, and gain confidence to be your best self or start working on clients. Udemy offers the Basic Makeup Course for those who are complete beginners or starting makeup artists.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

You can learn about the basics of makeup with Udemy, including the killer base makeup (which will last all day long), how to create an easily defined brow, the color scheme to suit lips and skin tone, and the best skincare regime for each specific skin type.

In addition, the course will teach you how to do a smokey eye look which you can easily adapt to day or night, how to get a natural bronzed glow without the hassle of contouring, and much more.

After completing the course, you can get a certificate from Udemy. However, you will need to pay $34.99 to unlock all the lectures on the makeup course on Udemy.

Upskillist – Makeup & Nails Online Course

Upskillist provides people with practical, high-quality education and learning to make a real difference in their lives. The team ensured that all courses were intelligently designed so that you could easily upskill. The site also allows employers to upskill their employees to recruit and retain more.

Find Out Where to Take Free Online Makeup and Beauty Courses

Learn the fundamentals of skincare, makeup, and nails before progressing to more advanced techniques, and discover how to contour like a pro with the Upskillist’s Makeup & Nails Online Course. Check the general content of the Makeup & Nails Online Course.

  • Advanced hair removal techniques
  • Basic and advanced makeup application
  • Nail art, acrylics, gel nails, and nail tips
  • Complementary treatments such as aromatherapy massage and reflexology
  • Skincare fundamentals and ingredient composition of skincare products

Taking an online course on Upskillist requires a monthly subscription of $34.99. By subscribing, you can unlock and take all the available courses on Upskillist. Upskillist also offers a limited free trial period.


You can find ways thatyou can start learning about the basics of makeup online. There are many online makeup and beauty courses, some offering certificates and diplomas upon completion.