Workew – Look for Remote Jobs

Most people, including workers and job seekers, have been greatly impacted by the global pandemic in recent years. However, it has also taught them to reevaluate their working arrangements and consider working remotely.

Having been able to spend more time at home and experiencing how it was possible to work from the comforts of my home, I have lately been thinking about transitioning to a remote job. This is when I learned about the Workew.


In this article I will talk about this online platform, its features, and how to use it to look for remote work. If you want to know more about Workew, continue reading the article below.

  • Workew – A Job Board for Remote Work
  • Useful Features of the Workew Hiring Platform
  • Searching for Remote Jobs Using Workew
  • Examining the Details Included in Individual Job Posts
  • Creating an Account on the Workew Platform
  • Packages Offered to Employers Who Want to Post Jobs
Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
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Workew – A Job Board for Remote Work

According to the company’s LinkedIn account, Workew is a digital platform aimed at connecting job seekers looking for remote careers with innovative companies that offer these types of opportunities.

Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
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The website allows job seekers to browse through numerous remote work vacancies from different companies. They can also upload their resumes so employers looking to hire remote employees can find them.


Remote jobs posted on the platform cover a wide range of industries and specializations, including web and software development, marketing, writing, and customer support. This gives every professional the opportunity to find remote work on Workew.

A Place to Hire Talent for Remote Positions

Workew not only caters to job seekers but also forms partnerships with hiring companies to help them with their recruiting needs for remote positions.

Companies are able to post jobs on the platform and browse through resumes uploaded on the site. These listings are even shared on the Workew Facebook Group where hundreds of thousands of members can see them.


Some of the employers that are currently working with Workew to hire remote workers include Amazon, Spotify, GitLab, WordPress, and Mozilla.

Useful Features of the Workew Hiring Platform

I explored the Workew website and found various features that will be useful to remote job seekers. On the home page, I immediately saw a Browse Remote Jobs button in the middle of the screen.

Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
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When pressed, this opened the Remote Jobs section of the website where I can search for vacancies. I will talk more about the details of job searching on the platform later.

The menus on the top of the page are Remote Jobs, Crypto Jobs, My Account, and More. There is also the Post a Job and Post a Resume buttons, as well as a shortcut to the Workew Facebook page.

Other Features of the Website

Browsing a little bit down the page, I saw a couple of Featured Remote Jobs. These are job posts from companies that availed of the paid option for posting vacancies on the website.

Also on the home page, I saw a list of the latest remote jobs posted on the platform. It only serves as a preview because doing an actual job search will bring me more detailed results that I can browse through.

At the bottom portion, there are featured quotes from remote workers who used Workew successfully. A few of the most recent articles from the website’s blog can also be seen in this part of the webpage.

Searching for Remote Jobs Using Workew

I found two ways to go to the job search page. One is to click on the Remote Jobs menu on top of the home page and the other is to hit the Browse Remote Jobs button in the middle of the home page.

Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
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When I got to this page, I immediately noticed the search bar, where I can input related keywords and choose which regions the employer is located in.

I was also able to choose the job category, whether it’s freelance, full-time, or part-time. The next step is to hit the Search button once I’ve filled out all the fields that I want to use for my job search.

Information Available on the Search Results

Once I did a job search, all the related vacancies were listed below the search bar. The name of the position serves as the title for each entry and below it is the name of the hiring company and a brief description of it.

The entry also includes the location of the job, the field of expertise, and the date the vacancy was posted. Job fields include Writing & Editing, Customer Service, Project Management, and Sales & Business Development.

The location information may indicate a certain region such as APAC, EMEA, and US/Canada, or specific countries. Meanwhile, some job posts may even be labeled All Regions, Various Countries, or Anywhere.

Examining the Details Included in Individual Job Posts

If you’ve chosen a specific job post and clicked on it, a new tab will open and specific details of the vacancy will become available to you. As with the results list, you will see the position name, company, job field, location, and date of posting.

Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
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The first information I found is an overview of the hiring company and its services. This is then followed by a discussion of the duties and responsibilities associated with the position, including daily tasks and expectations.

As with other job boards, the post also details the qualifications needed by an applicant to be considered for the job, including educational background, years of related experience, certifications, and skills.

Other Available Details and Tools

In some of the job posts I examined, other employers indicated the salary range, bonuses, and other benefits, including time off, medical coverage, training, and professional development opportunities.

Since I created an account on the platform earlier and was logged into it, I was able to bookmark some of the vacancies that I wanted to revisit again. At the bottom, Workew will suggest other related jobs that you may check out.

Once you’ve decided to apply to a particular job post, simply click on the Apply for Job button located on the bottom and on the right side of the page. Most of the time, it will take you to the hiring company’s own careers page.

Creating an Account on the Workew Platform

I learned that to be able to maximize the Workew job board, such as bookmarking jobs and getting searched by employers, you need to be logged in to an account.

Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
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To register for one, simply click on the Post a Resume button in the upper right corner of the screen. When I created an account, I was asked to come up with a username and provide some information.

The required registration information included my full name and email address, as well as my region and location. I was also asked to indicate my professional title in one of the information fields.

Other Information for Registration

Although optional, you may also upload a photo for your profile with a maximum file size of 8 MB and a link to an online video about yourself. This is great because, nowadays, video resumes are becoming more popular.

There’s also a space for you to copy and paste the content of your resume and a button to upload your resume file. In the Resume Category drop-down, you will choose which field you belong to.

Other optional information that you may add are your relevant skills (maximum of 20), education information, and experience details. You may even add links to your websites and social network accounts.

Packages Offered to Employers Who Want to Post Jobs

I mentioned earlier that Workew not only caters to job seekers but also partners with employers to provide jobs. As part of these partnerships, the platform offers paid packages for those who want to have their vacancies listed.

Workew - Look for Remote Jobs
Image Source: Workew

With the Basic Package, which costs $59 for a single job ad listing, companies are able to have an active job post on the website for 30 days. Workew will also share the post to its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The vacancy will be published within 24 hours and there will be no limit to the number of applicants that can apply. The employer will also be granted full access to the platform’s pool of candidates.

Perks of the Featured Package

The Featured Package costs $129 per job ad, which will be highlighted and pinned at the top of the search list for one month. The job position will also be featured on the home page during this period.

Unlike the basic package, the ad will run for 60 days and the company will receive priority customer support. The ad will not only be shared on Twitter and Facebook but it will also appear in the Remote Work Facebook Group.

Aside from these unique perks, all the other benefits of the basic package will also be enjoyed by those who availed of the featured package.


The Workew job board is an overall great platform that job seekers looking for remote work opportunities could take advantage of. Very few websites are dedicated to remote jobs and having one that covers global employers is truly a blessing for people like me.

Additionally, the platform is also for employers looking to hire talent willing to work on a remote basis. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for remote work or part of a company looking to fill in a remote vacancy, don’t hesitate to check out the Workew website.