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When you are looking for a job for the first time or a change of jobs, it is always a good idea to apply for vacancies at large companies. Not only is the possibility of an open vacancy far greater at a large company than with small businesses, but the benefits tend to be very good. 

The Home Depot is a household name in the United States as it is one of the largest home improvement retailers. It operates many stores across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 


As a large retailer, there are virtually new vacancies every day and you can choose the type of job suitable for you. We’ve looked at what Home Depot offers and will share with you everything you need to know about finding job opportunities with Home Depot.

  • Home Depot’s Values
  • Career Advancement
  • Job Types – Outside the Shop 
  • Job Types – Miscellaneous
  • How to Apply for a Job at Home Depot
  • Current Vacancy – Merchandising Execution Associates
  • Current Vacancies – Warehouse Support

Home Depot’s Values

Home Depot prides itself on its strong core values. These include, among others, respect for all people, excellent customer service, and giving back to communities and society. 

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These values are not only applicable for customers but are also the guidelines for interpersonal staff behavior


The company doesn’t use the term “employee” or “worker”. Everyone on the staff is an associate. This indicates the company’s respect for all who are contributing to the success of Home Depot.   

Management sees these values as instructions guiding their actions each day, including actions with their associates. These values keep Home Depot associates all working toward the same goals. The values also ensure that the workplace is being experienced by associates as “home.”  

Values in Practice

The values are a set of guidelines that are followed every day in all circumstances. The value of respect for all people is based on trust and honesty between associates regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender. 


Staff members are actually living the slogan “treat other people like you want to be treated.”  People from different backgrounds and experiences work together in harmony.

To help individuals and communities the company encourages associates and their communities to be innovative and creative.

Career Advancement

Home Depot’s whole business is based on improvement. They help a customer to do a DIY job to improve an old house but also challenge its own associates to do their best. 

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There is always room to move up and explore new possibilities. In 2020 more than 120,000 associates moved to a different department. According to the company’s statistics, 90% of their current store leaders started as hourly associates. 

Grow Your Career Within Home Depot

There is a multitude of jobs available at Home Depot. The many possibilities might even confuse you if you want to start a career with the company. 

But as a staff member at Home Depot, it doesn’t matter where you begin, you have the opportunity to grow your career. It just depends on you how and how fast you move throughout the company.

Job Types – In-Shop

In-shop opportunities include cashiers, sales associates, freight teams, and more. They are the frontline teams who help customers in Home Depot’s 2,200+ retail stores. 

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Other in-shop jobs include shelf stockers, aisle organizers, and associates assisting customers to find the products they are looking for. 

Customer-Facing Roles

The contact center associates’ role is to assist customers in placing orders and to assist internal teams when necessary. 

For someone who likes to work and help other people, the customer service section is ideal. 

The customer service associates provide fast and friendly service to customers to find the products and tools they need for their DIY projects.  

Job Types – Outside the Shop 

If you are interested in a job outside the retail setting there are many opportunities available. You can choose to work in a distribution center or be involved with outside sales. The company is also always looking for drivers for its expanding fleet of delivery vehicles. 

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Drivers and driver helper associates are responsible for the delivery of products from the warehouses and stores directly to customers. They have to ensure that orders arrive safely and on time.

The outside sales associates visit customers at home to advise homeowners regarding renovation and remodeling projects. They measure and sell appropriate products to enable the customer to complete their projects. 

Job Types – Corporate

On the corporate level, there are vacancies in the fields of technology, e-commerce, marketing, and other related jobs. Thehuman resource associates make sure everyone is working and succeeding together.

Communications is critical in a large company and associates who work in this department are responsible for public relations and internal communications. The lawyers and legal associates look at everything that could impact the company and advise management on legal decisions.

The associates working in the financial department ensure that spending and investing in the right things keep the business in a good financial position. Marketing associates plan advertising and media marketing and make the products attractive to customers.

Job Types – Miscellaneous

As a technician associate, you’ll fix tools and help customers to rent trucks and other large equipment they need to finish their projects. 

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The operations associate designs and implements store layouts and make sure the processes in place are assisting in work efficiency. 

In supply chain logistics the associates analyze data, develop new processes and roles, and determine new warehouse locations. 

Internships and Careerdepot

Home Depot offers internships to students helping them learn how to solve problems, think creatively, and adapt to unexpected situations. 

Main Benefits for Associates

For Home Depot, “benefits” mean that the company must make sure the associates can take care of themselves, their families, and their communities. To keep the associate and family healthy the associates are supported by a 24/7 Teladoc physician.  

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Their backup care program provides extra helping hands for associates’ loved ones and the Health Care Support Team helps to navigate their health needs. Another benefit offered is paid parental leave which encourages associates to bond with their newborn. 

There is also a savings plan in place where the company matches the associate’s monthly savings amount. Associates also get up to 15% discount on Home Depot stock.

The company is even concerned about the associates’ pets. Home Depot also assists with pet care insurance and pet sitting. 

Incentives and Recognition

Home Depot also holds annual health challenges with incentives and prizes

Performance bonuses, merit increases, and on-the-spot recognition and rewards for a job well done keep associates motivated and creative. There is also Homer Badge financial recognition for specific achievements in the work situation. 

For associates who want to develop their skills, the company offers tuition reimbursements

How to Apply for a Job at Home Depot

To apply for a vacancy at a Home Depot shop you can visit the shop you have in mind and provide your resume to management or the HR department.

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This method of applying works well when you want to work in a specific shop.

If you are interested in a vacancy at a warehouse, head office, or outlet anywhere in the country, it is easy and comfortable to search for vacancies and apply online.    

Applying Internally

If you are already employed by Home Depot, you can use the CareerDepot. The CareerDepot is anonline toolused by The Home Depot associates to view and apply for retail hourly and management as well as corporate and other non-store positions within Home Depot. 

This ensures that already employed associates get a fair chance to change jobs within the company.

Current Vacancy – Merchandising Execution Associates

In Apple Valley, MN they are looking for Merchandising Execution Associates (MEAs). The job description includes in-store merchandising projects, overhead organization, and display and signage maintenance to enhance the customer experience. 

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MEAs build strong relationships with store associates and provide superior customer service to both internal and external customers. 

There are full-time and part-time positions available.

Current Vacancies – Department Supervisors

Department Supervisors also provide contribute to merchandising decisions alongside the Store Management Team and the Operations Team. They have strong product knowledge and the ability to lead and develop others.

They must also ensure customers can easily find the merchandise they need. 

They also train and develop associates in each department to ensure customers receive excellent service. 

Current Vacancies – Warehouse Support

As an associate in Warehouse Support, you are assigned scheduling both inbound and outbound activities in the distribution center. 

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They ensure inventory accuracy and may also perform required administrative and general office duties. 

Associates in this role must be detail-oriented and have proven time management skills. There are vacancies in Tucson, AZ.

Current Vacancies – Lot Associates

There are vacancies for Lot Associates in Canoga Park, CA. The associates assist customers with the loading of their vehicles and monitor and maintain the entrance of the store. 

Because the Lot Associate is often the first and last associate to interact with customers, customer service plays a vital role. Excellent customer service skills are required for this job.  


Home Depot has multiple vacancies and offers excellent benefits and career development opportunities. Have a look at their website, search for vacancies, and apply for the perfect role for you today.