Learn About the Various Jobs Available at Starbucks

If you want to work for a company that has set out to be different, then Starbucks should definitely be your choice. At Starbucks, you would be more than just pouring coffee, you will be celebrating connection since the iconic company has become a warm gathering place, and it is enshrined in thousands of people’s daily routine. 

A clear example of the fresh working environment offered by Starbucks is that employees are called partners since they are all partners who share the success. Keep reading to learn what Starbucks has for you.

  • Working at Starbucks
  • Benefits of Working at Starbucks
  • How to Apply for Jobs at Starbucks
  • Entry-Level Jobs
  • Retail Positions
  • Corporate Roles
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Internships
  • International Careers
  • What Do Starbucks Employers Look for?
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Working at Starbucks

To have a job at Starbucks means to work for a company whose commitment is to bring to its customers the highest-quality coffee in the world and which seeks to engage with their customers and communities. 

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Starbucks does business responsibly. Their mission is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

As we will discuss later, there are plenty of benefits to working at Starbucks. This is an incredibly popular company that has gained a very good reputation all over the world. 

If you are looking for a job in an innovative and modern environment, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Plenty of Opportunities Available

It is important to note that there are plenty of opportunities for you to choose from if you are looking for a position at Starbucks. From entry-level jobs to corporate positions – everybody is valued equally. 


Benefits of Working at Starbucks

Those who are partners in Starbucks can enjoy the culture and the values upheld and lived by the company. 

At Starbucks, they create a warm culture in which everybody is welcomed and included. Secondly, they deliver their best in all they do, and they take responsibility for every result. 

Most remarkably, Starbucks is performance-driven through the lens of humanity. Additionally, Starbucks offers opportunities for all in the communities they serve. 


Their goal is to employ 100,000 Opportunity Youth, 10,000 refugees globally and hire 25,000 veterans and military spouses. This offers a tremendous chance for those seeking a job and having a hard time finding one.

Additional Benefits

If you work at their restaurants, they offer several additional benefits, such as opportunities in college education, beverage and food benefits, health coverage, paid time off, and the possibility to access stocks and savings. 

What is more, if you are part of our Corporate Team, you will enjoy health coverage as well, access to stocks and savings, the chance to ask for parental leave, the advantage of paid time off, and a unique commuter benefit.

How to Apply for Jobs at Starbucks

One significant advantage of working at Starbucks is that they are devoted to the training and development of the partners. 

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They consider people a valuable asset, and they find it essential to provide learning opportunities to develop skills, further careers, and help partners achieve their personal and professional goals.

If you become a partner, you will count on limitless opportunities to make an impact and thrive, and at the same time, be recognized and rewarded for it.

At Starbucks, you can explore career paths. For example, you may choose to grow at retail stores by creating daily Starbucks Experiences for their customers. You also have the alternative to assume a corporate role and support the brand’s growth and results. 

Visit the Starbucks Website

A third option is to become involved in the processes of manufacturing and distribution, where you can produce and ship products that delight customers.

If you are only just starting, an internship might be the right fit for you, and you will begin to unlock your career potential with them. 

If you can’t wait to get started at Starbucks, complete your online application. Also, if you have any doubts, you can visit the Starbucks website to explore and learn more about their job opportunities.

Entry-Level Jobs

There are plenty of entry-level jobs for you to consider. These positions are best suited to employees who have little to no work experience

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More so, you will not need any specific types of qualifications to apply for these positions. Two examples of entry-level jobs include cashiers and cleaning staff. 

Even though they may not be the most luxurious jobs, they are still very important when it comes to the running of the coffee shop. More so, these positions can be great for gaining valuable work experience. 

Training and Qualifications

Even though you may not need any specific training or qualifications in order to be accepted for one of these positions, you will most likely be required to complete a week or so of shadowing before starting work. This way, you will understand exactly what is expected of you. 

Retail Positions

Retail positions are some of the most popular when it comes to working at Starbucks. 

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If you apply for one of these jobs, you should be prepared to deal with Starbucks merchandise, including mugs, clothing, and other kitchenware. 

Unlike entry-level jobs, you will require a certain amount of training in order to be considered for these jobs. 

However, the specific training needed will depend on which position you apply for. For this reason, it is important that you research the job before sending in your application. 


Many people looking to work at Starbucks wish to find a job as a barista. However, contrary to popular belief, this position does not simply involve using a coffee machine. 

In fact, you will need to undergo a training course beforehand in order to learn precisely how to make each drink offered on the Starbucks menu. 

Corporate Roles

Corporate roles are some of the highest-paying jobs in the business. These jobs are very technical and require a certain amount of expertise. 

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A few positions include store managers, recruitment specialists, and product managers. There are various other jobs for you to choose from in different departments. 

For example, if you are qualified to work in IT or accounting, there are tons of opportunities in stores across the country. 

Experience and Qualifications

As we have already mentioned, you will need specific qualifications in order to have your application considered for one of these positions. 

In order to determine exactly what your resume must include, be sure to do the necessary research on the official Starbucks website

Manufacturing and Distribution 

The manufacturing and distribution department involves the management of different products and ingredients. 

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For example, if you accept a job in this field, you may be responsible for ordering stock once it runs out. In this way, you will have to keep track of the sales made by the store. 

More so, if you work in distribution, you will have to communicate with other Starbucks branches. These positions also require a certain amount of training and experience, as they are vital when it comes to the proper running of the business. 

Working Behind the Scenes

If you would prefer to work behind the scenes, you should definitely consider applying for positions in this department. 

While you will not have to deal with the customers directly, you will have to communicate with the different branches and suppliers. 


If you are still studying, there are plenty of internship positions for you to consider. These positions offer a wide range of benefits.

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For example, you will gain valuable work experience, boosting your chances of being accepted for a job in the future. On top of this, you will learn about the different roles involved in running a business.

This will help you decide exactly which direction you want to go into after completing your studies. 

Gaining Valuable Skills 

Internships are also a great way to gain valuable skills before entering the working world. If you wish to pursue a career in that particular department, you will learn the ins and outs of how to be successful in the future. 

International Careers

Starbucks is an international company, meaning that you can choose between branches all over the world

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More so, some positions do not require you to be in-store, meaning that you will be able to work from anywhere in the world. 

In order to boost your chances of being accepted for one of these international jobs, it is essential that you research exactly which qualifications you will need. 

Additionally, you may be required to go for an in-person interview beforehand. 

Working Abroad

Starbucks is a great business to consider if you are looking to relocate. As we have already mentioned, there are Starbucks branches in almost every country in the world, giving you plenty of opportunities. 

What Do Starbucks Employers Look For?

Starbucks is a very innovative and modern company that is always looking for ways to improve. 

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For this reason, you will need to offer a certain amount of enthusiasm in order to be considered. 

Starbucks employers will look for hard-working, friendly, and determined employees who are genuinely excited about working for such an iconic business. 

Experience and Training

Since Starbucks is such a popular business, you have plenty of competition when it comes to being accepted for a job. 

For this reason, you will need to look for ways in which you can make your application stand out. 

This can be done by having a certain amount of experience or by completing training courses for the specific job that you will be applying for. 


Starbucks offers a lot of job opportunities in various departments. For example, you can choose from positions in retail, manufacturing, and distribution. 

It is important that you research exactly which qualifications you will need before applying for a job.