O’Reilly Offers Jobs for Automobile Lovers

While working for O’Reilly Auto Parts, you’ll get to know more about vehicles and their functions. This company is a dominant auto parts retailer in the US. 

They offer several job opportunities for car lovers or anyone who would like to learn more about the automobile parts industry. Keep reading to learn more about job opportunities at O’Reilly Auto Parts.

  • What Is O’Reilly Auto Parts All About?
  • Benefits of Working at O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • How to Apply for a Job at O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Positions at O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores
  • Corporate Positions That O’Reilly Offers
  • Become a Part of the Distribution Team
  • IT Careers at O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Apply for a Route Driving Career
  • Sign Up for Job Alerts
  • Are There Any Downsides to Working at O’Reilly Auto Parts?
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What Is O’Reilly Auto Parts All About?

O’Reilly Auto Parts started back in 1957, and it has grown to the current size of 5,219 locations.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts aims to become the dominant supplier of auto parts by offering retail customers and professional installers excellent prices and quality. 

To fulfill these purposes, O’Reilly has created an attractive benefit and compensation plan.  This is how they keep the kind of people that will make the company grow. Many working opportunities are waiting for you.


Growing in a Healthy Team Environment

One of the coolest points about working for O’Reilly is that they hire people who have phenomenal soft skills to ensure that the working environment is healthy and friendly. 

In addition to that, whether you are a full-time or a part-time employee, there is a lot of room for growth.

Benefits of Working at O’Reilly Auto Parts

The employee benefits offered by O’Reilly Auto Parts vary slightly according to whether you are a full-time or limited hours team member. Let’s see what benefits you may be able to enjoy.

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You will have Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy Insurance, as well as Life Insurance (company paid and optional), and Vision Insurance. 

You will also have short-term and long-term disability insurance.

Moreover, you will have some financial benefits. O’Reilly Auto Parts offers Profit Sharing and a 401(k) Savings Plus Plan with company match. This way, you can make the most of your money. 

Balanced Personal and Private Life

Plus, as an employee of O’Reilly Auto Parts, you will enjoy a Team Member Purchase Discount and be part of a Discounted Stock Purchase Plan.

Paid time off is also an employee benefit. O’Reilly Auto Parts offer vacation, sick, personal, and holiday pay directly deposited to your bank account. 

You will also be able to take time off for jury duty and military leave.

How to Apply for a Job at O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers an array of career options for you to choose from depending on your abilities and interests.

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If you are interested in retail, you can pursue a store career. Here, you will listen to customers’ needs and problems

Usually, their customers are not having the best days, since it is very frustrating to have your car break down.

Employees need to be patient and prompt to solve the customer’s problem.

Great Customer Relationship

You can also become a corporate team member. There are multiple job openings here. 

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers their employees the possibility to advance in their careers and not to be stagnant.

Lastly, you can apply for a job in the distribution area. Your career will focus on supporting the network of stores and making sure customers get what they need when they need it.

Positions at O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores

As mentioned above, O’Reilly has more than 5,000 stores across the US. If you are someone who specializes in sales, you can expect to be paid an average of $11.33 per hour.

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Among the most popular job positions is that of assistant store manager, which is full-time and leaves room for a lot of growth.

Other positions include retail merchandise cashier, retail merchandise specialist, and retail merchandise stocker. 

The store counter sales employee earns around $10 per hour. Keep in mind that a good number of these jobs offer the opportunity to earn annual bonuses of $3,000+.

Popular Locations

According to reviews and the number of jobs available, locations such as Springfield, MO, and Seattle, WA, seem to be popular.

In addition to these, O’Reilly offers hundreds of job opportunities in Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; and Portland, OR!

Corporate Positions That O’Reilly Offers

O’Reilly is mostly known for the superb relationship that they have with their customers.

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Apart from devoted salespeople, employees in the corporate sector provide the necessary support and allow this auto parts firm to become one of the most dominant suppliers around. 

Among the variety of positions, becoming a part of the digital marketing team seems to be the most lucrative. 

If you have experience with Search Engine Optimization and mobile/video presentations, then becoming a digital user experience coordinator or marketing data analyst is a fantastic opportunity.

Other Corporate Positions

Apart from being a member of the marketing team, the corporate sphere also offers a wide variety of positions in Risk Management and Distribution Operations

These include distribution systems coordinator; transportation field manager; and director of safety, environmental, and regulatory compliance.

There are also a few other jobs that are all essential for monitoring the supply and distribution process. 

Become a Part of the Distribution Team

One of the major points for any auto part firm is an extensive network of distribution centers.

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O’Reilly uses 27 centers across the United States to ensure that all of goods are delivered on time. 

The integrative part of the distribution centers are hub and delivery specialists, who work five days a week to meet the needs of customers. 

There is a wide variety of job positions in the distribution sector, including forklift operator, local CDL driver Class A, local CDL driver Class B, warehouse department supervisor, and warehouse worker.

Provide Office Support

Other job positions that are directly related to providing internal distribution support include office supervisor, and assistant transportation supervisor.

The safety and security specialistsmonitor the supply process.

IT Careers at O’Reilly Auto Parts

One of the coolest points about O’Reilly Auto Parts is the ability to start and grow your IT career, as well.

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Much like any other retailer, O’Reilly needs intuitive applications to offer and promote their products. 

Among the different positions, we found the most popular to be business system analyst, application development supervisor, and data engineer. 

The biggest advantage of working in the IT sector is the fact that you can work from home.


While certain job offers are supplemental, positions like a Java software engineer or a UI/UX engineer offer full-time hours and great room for growth salary-wise.

Among other benefits that are related to working for O’Reilly, you can apply for a paid internship that usually lasts 3-6 months.

Apply for a Route Driving Career

It is no surprise that an automotive company as successful as O’Reilly offers many route driving job opportunities.

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This employer looks for CDL Class A and Class B drivers, and they offer great working conditions, including being at home every day and not working on the weekends. 

In addition to that, O’Reilly stimulates their drivers with security incentives and by raising their salary every 6 months for the first 4 years. 

Keep in mind that you will be paid an hourly wage and will be eligible for a wide variety of driver bonuses.

Latest Truck Fleet

As an employee working for O’Reilly, you will be able to operate the latest tractors and trailers

Most importantly, the work schedule is predictable, which means that you can organize your off days and vacations much easier. 

Sign Up for Job Alerts

As a company with hundreds of job offerings on a monthly basis, O’Reilly aims to make it easier for future employees.

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With that in mind, they have created a Job Alerts Network that informs you of the latest positions depending on your application experience and interest. 

This system is highlighted by an array of cool features, such as sending alerts that match your CV and communicating about the latest updates from O’Reilly.

It also allows you to share job opportunities through social media. 

Joining Job Alerts

The application process is straightforward and comes down to inputting your personal information (name, phone number, etc.) and choosing the sector that you are interested in working in. 

Are There Any Downsides to Working at O’Reilly?

At the end of the day, no job is perfect, and it all depends on evaluating if there are more pros than cons.

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In the case of O’Reilly, the biggest issue seems to be that the upper management is quite strict. 

As an employee, there is room for growing your career, but you can’t get your voice heard regarding any changes in how the company does its business. 

With that in mind, it may feel like you are more of a number.

Choosing Between Remote and In-Store

Looking at the job postings listed above, O’Reilly provides their employees with a choice to work from home/remotely or at a store. 

While there are many benefits of the former, especially amid the pandemic, working inside a distribution center or an O’Reilly store offers two distinct advantages.

These are meeting great people and becoming a well-recognized employee


If you would like to apply for a job at O’Reilly Auto Parts, you can find all the job openings available through the website

If you have any doubts, you can visit the O’Reilly Auto Parts website to explore and learn more about job opportunities and the company.