Work at Humble Independent School District


For those who live in Texas and their vocation is education, there is a job in line for you. At Humble Independent School District, there is a huge array of schools in which you could work. If you are a professional devoted to education, don’t miss out. Keep reading to learn more about job opportunities at Humble Independent School District.

Who They Are

Humble Independent School District is a school district located in Humble, Texas, USA. Its purpose is to serve the city of Humble, and small portions of the city of Houston, and portions of unincorporated Harris County. The district serves over 41,000 students since 2016. Humble High School, the district’s flagship high school, opened in 1918. Today, Humble ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas, with 3000 students.

Work at Humble Independent School District

Jobs offered by Humble Independent School District

The schools district offers jobs at all education levels. You can get a job either at elementary, middle or high schools.There are also additional campuses, which are the CATE Center and the Community Learning Center.

It is a common misconception that mostly teachers are the ones who can get a job at schools. This is not so, since there is a huge number of departments you could be part of. It is all up to you qualifications, skills and preferences. You can find the complete Departments Directory here.

To name just a few professions, you can become part of the accountability department or construction department. Also, more in contact with students, you can join Child Nutrition Services and the Counseling & Behavioral Services.

Benefits of Working at Humble Independent School District

Humble Independent School District offers its employees a comprehensive and complete benefits package which new hires should read in detail. Also, new hires have a one-month window to enroll in the benefits program.


As regards Health , you will have several benefits for you an eligible members of your family. Some of them are hospital indemnity, and Dental and Vision plans. You will get a critical illness insurance plan, as well as a Cancer insurance, and a long-term disability plan. You will also have IRS Medical Flexible Spending Accounts.

Moreover, you will have Retirement options offered by the TCG Group Holdings. This will allow you to supplement your future income and achieve your financial goals. You can choose between a 403(b) and a 457(b) plans. You can enroll in these plans anytime.

For a complete overview of the list of benefits that Humble Independent School District offers, check here.

How to Apply for a job at Humble Independent School District

As we have already mentioned, there are thousands of available vacancies at the Humble Independent School District.

The Humble ISD Human Resources department is going to consider your application. They will start the recruiting process if you are a qualified employee who shares the district’s vision.

You can take a look at the job openings here. If you need more information, you can learn and explore more about the schools of the district at their website