Discover Career Possibilities at CARE

If you are a person who shares a vision to create a world of hope and social justice, you probably have considered the possibility of working for an organization where you can live out this passion.

There are a variety of organizations both in the U.S. and globally that could be considered. Before you make a final decision on which organization you are going to work for, have a look at CARE


CARE is the world’s largest international non-governmental humanitarian relief organization and they frequently have vacancies. Read on to find out more.

  • CARE’s Vision and Mission 
  • Career Possibilities
  • Job Spotlight – Business Development Consultants
  • Job Spotlight – Director of Individual Fundraising
  • Job Spotlight – Gender Program Specialist
  • Vacancies at CARE International Secretariat
  • Vacancies for Young People – VISTA AmeriCorps Leaders
  • General Employee Benefits
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CARE’s Vision and Mission 

CARE is a global leader among the movements dedicated to save lives and end poverty

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Their vision is to create a world of hope and social justice where all people live in security and dignity, and where poverty has been overcome. 


Their mission is to work around the globe to save lives, achieve social justice and defeat poverty. 

Principles and Programs

CARE’s principles are independent of political, commercial, military, ethnic or religious objectives. They assist on the basis of need, regardless of race, creed or nationality. 

Their five program outcome areas are Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience; Humanitarian Response; Right to a Life Free from Violence; Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health and Rights; and Women’s Economic Empowerment.


Career Possibilities

If you work for CARE it is more than just a job. Through the job, you get the opportunity to be a part of something that helps to bring about lasting change in the world. 

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CARE offers career opportunities and the possibility of short term engagements. They look for passionate and experienced professionals who want to make a difference. 

There are also vacancies for students who want to work for one year for CARE, and also for people who want to build a career within CARE. 

Diverse Roles Within CARE

You can search for jobs online, learn the full details regarding responsibilities and eligibility, and you can also apply online

To show the diversity among the roles offered, we’ll briefly discuss a few of the current vacancies.

Job Spotlight – Business Development Consultants

CARE is always looking for experienced Business Development Consultants. They need consultants for short and long-term engagements. These consultants have to ensure adherence to all proposal policies, procedures, and timelines.

Specific roles within his domain include Proposal Managers, Proposal Writers, Cost Proposal Specialists, and Recruiters.

It will be expected from the Business Development Consultants to facilitate relevant meetings

A working proficiency in French, Spanish or Arabic can be an additional, desired qualification. 

Qualifications Description for Business Development Consultants

To qualify to be considered as Business Development Consultant you must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and four to six years of relevant professional experience. 

At least two years of proposal development experience for USAID would be preferred. 

You must also have excellent writing, research, and communication skills. 

Job Spotlight – Director of Individual Fundraising

The Director of Individual Fundraising provides strategic leadership and management for a team of fundraisers. 

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The director oversees the direct email, telemarketing, email, and fundraising programs for all donors that have given under $2500. This director must also maintain and grow CARE’s active donor database. 

The person for this job has a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Previous staff experience is essential. 

Five to seven years of direct marketing experience in a non-profit agency setting is required. 

Soft Skills Required for the Director of Individual Fundraising Role

To succeed in a director role at CARE, the applicant must be a strong team leader and a strategic thinker.

As communication is very important in this position the person must have exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Other requirements include creativity and the ability to develop procedures.

Job Spotlight – Gender Program Specialist

CARE USA’s Gender Justice team is engaged in promoting gender equality and generating a positive impact in girls’ and women’s lives. The benefits of gender equity and women empowerment encompasses all the components of development and poverty reduction.

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As a Gender Program Specialist, you will help with strategies and practices to promote girls’ and women’s leadership and empowerment. You will also engage with men and boys to advance gender equality. 

You will be responsible for programming, knowledge management, and operational and administrative support to the larger Gender Justice team.

A bachelor’s degree and at least four years of work experience in gender integration and programming are required. Experience in a not-for-profit organization will strengthen your application. 

Soft Skills Required for the Gender Program Specialist Role

For this post, you need superior organizational skills and events planning experience. Advanced written and oral communication skills in English are essential. Working knowledge of Spanish and French will be handy.

Applicants require project coordination and management skills and expertise. You must have demonstrated team leader abilities in the past, and be detail-oriented. 

Experience in budget planning and reporting is also required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and financial software is also essential.

Vacancies at CARE International Secretariat

Perhaps your skills make you more suitable for a position in the CARE Secretariat’s offices than “in the field.”

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The Secretariat is based in Geneva, Switzerland, with two other offices located in Brussels, Belgium and New York, U.S.A.

As an example of work possibilities at the CARE Secretariat let’s have a look at the position of an EU Advocacy Assistant. It is a full time job based at the CARE Secretariat’s office in Brussels. 

This role monitors relevant EU Council meetings and prepares updates and briefings for CARE. The person also has to attend EU and other organizations’ events and debrief the CARE Secretariat. 

Eligibility for the EU Advocacy Assistant Role

To be eligible for the job you must have a master’s degree or a student who is doing an internship as part of a master’s degree. 

Apart from the normal benefits for CARE employees, the remuneration for this position is approximately $965 USD per month. 

Vacancies for Young People – VISTA AmeriCorps Leaders

CARE is frequently seeking young applicants to serve as VISTA leaders. VISTA is a federally funded national service program. Individuals engage for a year of service during which they serve on a specific project. The projects are aimed at the eradication of poverty.

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CARE administers a community savings and loan associations program (CSLA) that seeks to provide financial stability and to close the wealth gap among women. 

According to this model, groups of 10 to 15 members are formed within a community. They save together and make small loans to each other in a 12-month cycle. 

The major functions of CARE’s VISTA leaders are to help to expand the CSLA program nationally. The VISTA leaders support the VISTA teams with this program expansion. The leader also works in partnership with the VISTA Project supervisor and assists with management tasks

Special VISTA AmeriCorps Benefits  

The position as VISTA leader offers benefits like a monthly living allowance, health care, child care, training, relocation expenses, and liability insurance. There are also educational benefits coupled to the position.

After a year’s service, they will receive one non-competitive eligibility for employment in the federal government for one year. This enables them to apply for permanent federal jobs with the advantage of not having to go through the standard public selection process. 

As a former VISTA Leader, you can be appointed to federal positions that might not be available to the general public. More detail regarding VISTA AmeriCorps is available online

General Employee Benefits

Different insurance benefits form a large part of the compensation and benefits package for CARE workers and employees. Employees have the choice of two medical plans and pay about 20% of the premium. Dental insurance that includes orthodontics is also part of the package.

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Basic Life Insurance for two times the annual salary is in place. CARE pays 100% of the premium. Dependent Life Insurance is available but the employee pays 100% of the premium. This plan is convertible to an individual policy. 

The premiums for Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) for one time the annual salary up to a maximum of $250,000 are paid 100% by CARE.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance premiums are paid for by CARE. The benefit is 50% of the basic weekly wage up to a maximum of $2,000 a week. Care also pays the premium for Business Travel Accident and Emergency Evacuation Insurance.

Leave and Time Off

CARE grants you 25 days of paid leave per fiscal year. It is granted pro-rata for new hires. Sick days are granted as needed subject to certain conditions. You can also get up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in any 12 month period. 

Six weeks of paid parental leave are available within one year of birth or adoption. 

Paid leave is available as Emergency & Compassionate Leave, up to five days a year.


A career at CARE is a one‐of‐a‐kind experience. It’s more than just work, it’s an opportunity to bring about lasting change in the world. They offer career opportunities or short-term engagements for experienced professionals who want to make a difference

Your knowledge and skills might just be what they are looking for. Visit the website and see whether there is a vacancy that you can fill.