Rexnord – Company Values and How to Apply

If you are interested in pursuing a career in industrial innovation and technological solutions, then Rexnord may be for you. Rexnord prides itself in providing their employees with opportunities for growth. Acquire new skills, make lasting connections, and live your best life with Rexnord!  

Keep reading to learn more about job opportunities at Rexnord.


More About Rexnord

Rexnord was founded in 1891, and was originally known as the Chain Belt Company.

Rexnord’s commitment to innovation and high quality products has lead them to over 127 years of continued excellence. Some of Rexnord’s products include but are not limited to:

Rexnord Process provides precisely designed mechanical component solutions for complex production systems, where reliability is crucial, and the costs of failure or downtime are high.


Benefits of Working at Rexnord

Rexnord values all of its employees, and understands that a work relationship is meant to be reciprocal. Rexnord provides value to you in the following ways:

They encourage you to solve smarter. They are not looking for the status quo. Taking pride in thinking outside of the box, their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction means finding new ways to continually improve.

They take you to new places. Acquisitions are key to their growth strategy. An increasing diversity of company specializations enables fresh opportunities to expand your skills to new markets, channels or geographies.


They value your input. Total associate engagement is fundamental to what their company aims to achieve. They encourage, recognize and enable the value you add. Without you, they would not be here!

They help you grow. As an associate, you will learn the Rexnord Business System, giving you lifelong tools for continuous improvement in your work life, and in your personal life.

They make you proud. Their ethical standards are not negotiable, their community involvement runs deep, and they treat people with utmost respect.

How to Apply for a Job Rexnord

As an Rexnord associate, you can apply to several of their departments, and make an impact starting today! Complete an online application  on their website and upload your CV to start the hiring process. A representative from the Human Resources department will get back to you shortly, and notify you of your hiring status!

Here are the departments that you may apply to:

Sales & Customer Support  – With quality, professional relationships and a deep knowledge of products inside and out, the Rexnord Sales and Customer Support Teams stand out from the rest.

Engineering & Technology – Their unparalleled product quality, safety and designs are the direct result of their Engineering team incessantly working to improve and compete.

Manufacturing & Operations  – Efficacious services, top of the line safety, delivery and cost, these teams make sure Rexnord products satisfy clients and are the envy of competitors.

Marketing & Communications – Rexnord’s team of marketers works to inform their customers about all services offered, and products manufactured. Analyzing trends within the industry, bringing products to market, and running advertising campaigns are just a few ways Rexnord ensures they are perpetually providing valuable experiences and educational materials to their customers.

Corporate Roles – Finance, Information Technology, Business and Corporate Development, Human Resources, Legal, Rexnord Business System and much more: These departments are central to the continued evolution of the Rexnord Corporation.

If you are a interested starting a career with Rexnord, and would like to be a part of their massive growth, search here for job opportunities. Also, if you have any doubts, you can visit Rexnord’s website for even more details about their company.