It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How

Anyone looking to generate side income can earn extra money by participating in paid online survey sites, some of which are reputable.

Paid online survey sites are pretty straightforward: Participants answer questions or fulfill some tasks online and earn money in exchange for their time. Learn about online paid surveys, including their requirements, pay rate, advantages, and disadvantages.

  • What is Online Paid Survey?
  • What is the Pay Rate for Online Paid Surveys?
  • What are the Advantages of Doing Online Paid Surveys?
  • What Other Things Can You Earn by Doing Online Paid Surveys?
  • What are the Cons of Doing Online Paid Surveys?
  • Can You Answer All Paid Surveys?

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do

What is Online Paid Survey?

Online survey jobs enable people to make money on the internet. The work will be like answering questions about a certain subject.

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do


Paid surveys provide several advantages over other online work opportunities, the most significant of which is that respondents can submit their responses using any device, not just a computer or a mobile phone.

The paid survey site will pay you money if you answer these questions and finish the survey in full.

What is the Nature of the Online Paid Survey Job?

People have been compensated annually in the millions of dollars for their participation in online market research surveys. Because businesses are looking for honest customer feedback, they are willing to pay people willing to take the time to fill out online surveys in their spare time.


The term “paid market research jobs” is occasionally interchangeably with “online paid surveys.” Simply put, it entails participating in an online survey in exchange for financial compensation.

Many people sign up for these websites daily, hoping to earn additional income.

What is the Pay Rate for Online Paid Surveys?

Companies are willing to pay the most on the market for paid survey work, but they expect these people to give accurate feedback in the time frame. Rates for online surveys vary greatly depending on how long and hard the survey is.

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do

Check the usual pay rate for online paid survey jobs below:

  • Short Survey (can be finished for less than 15 minutes) – up to $5;
  • Mid Survey (can be finished within 30 minutes) – up to $15 or more;
  • Long Survey (usually in the form of focus groups that can be finished up to 60 minutes) – up to $75 or more.

If someone finishes four short surveys in an hour, they can get $20. Working on those mid-surveys ($60 per hour) for four hours can earn around $240. According to reports, some who do online paid survey jobs can earn up to $1,500 per week.

What are the Requirements to Start Answering Online Paid Surveys?

You must be at least 13 years old and probably older to be eligible to answer online paid surveys. The signup process is free of charge. There are no required documents to start, but you only need a strong desire to earn money online.

One of the skills you should have is the capacity to read rapidly and comprehend straightforward instructions. This will be helpful when completing the surveys, and if you want to qualify, you should also try to be as honest as you can when taking the surveys.

It is best to have a personal computer that you can operate effectively. There must also be a stable and fast internet connection so that the process of answering surveys will be interrupt-free.

What are the Advantages of Doing Online Paid Surveys?

One major advantage of online paid surveys is that you do it at your own pace and convenience. People love being able to do things at their own pace and in the way they like. All people who fill out online surveys have this benefit.

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do

It allows them to start and stop the surveys whenever they want. Giving survey takers the choice of how fast or slow they want leads to better answers. It also gives them time to think things through and share ideas that can help your business.

People often do not fill out physical survey handouts because they have to do it right then and there, and most of the time, they do not have time to do that. This problem can be solved with the help of online surveys.

Online surveys take advantage of this new technology by giving people the flexibility and ease of use to fill out survey forms. It does not matter what kind of device they use to answer.  Email or text them the right link, and they can get to it immediately from their device.

What are the Other Advantages of Doing Online Paid Surveys?

One of the numerous benefits of participating in online surveys for financial compensation is the opportunity to earn extra cash. It can be really exciting to have the ability to influence the development of brand-new services and products.

When businesses release their wares onto the market, your thoughts and ideas can become part of the product itself; more often than not, your ideas were crucial in making the product a reality.

The satisfaction of knowing that you had some input into the actions taken by a major corporation anywhere in the world is immense.

What Other Things Can You Earn by Doing Online Paid Surveys?

Paid online surveys will not make you rich, but they will give you some extra cash. It can mean a lot to people. Even though your earnings will vary, taking paid surveys is a great way to make even a little money for your use.

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do

Most reputable survey sites also give you more than one way to get money. Branded Surveys, for example, gives you the choice of Paypal, Branded Pay, and dozens of gift cards.

So, if you do not want cash, you can take surveys for gift cards instead and use them to buy something you have been wanting. Members of Branded Surveys can choose from options like gift cards from restaurants, coffee shops, big-box stores, travel services, auto repair shops, and airlines. 

Also, many people take surveys to get Amazon gift cards, which can be used to buy almost anything: food, music, clothes, car parts, you name it.

Is Online Paid Surveys for Everyone?

The fact that surveys include everyone is a big plus. Most survey sites are open to anyone, no matter how old or skilled. You do not need to be smart or have the experience to make it work. You can join as long as you have a computer, phone, and access to the internet.

You do not have to go through a long interview process or deal with applications, resumes, or cover letters. You can sign up for the survey site of your choice and start filling out questionnaires within an hour.

You can do the survey gig if you are a senior, a student, a stay-at-home mom with kids, or if you have a disability. Many people got involved with surveys in the first place because of how flexible they were.

What are the Cons of Doing Online Paid Surveys?

There are many scams out there. This will be your first problem when looking for the best site to join for paid surveys. There are a lot of fake sites and phishing scams online, which is bad news.

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do

You might wonder why this is the case. It is not hard to make a fake site and get people to sign up for it, especially if you promise earnings that are too good to be true or make big claims about the opportunity itself.

The other main problem with scam sites is that they usually charge a fee to join. Legitimate survey sites will never ask their members for money, even though this might make them seem more exclusive.

Do not fall for it, even if it seems like a fair amount. Most likely, the site will take your money and your personal information and then disappear.

What are the Other Cons of Doing Online Paid Surveys?

People who want to make more money often try to sign up for as many sites as possible. But this can go wrong in more than one way.

There are a lot of sites that have the same surveys from different market research companies. So, your account may be flagged for fraud if you try to finish the same survey on two different sites. This is because you can only take the survey once in some cases.

If you have worked hard on several sites and are ready to start getting paid but get flagged for fraud, you could lose everything you’ve made.

Can You Answer All Paid Surveys?

Another bad thing about paid surveys is that you might not always be able to take advantage of every opportunity. Just because you see a survey you would like to take or get an email asking you to fill out a questionnaire does not mean you can always take it.

It’s Possible to Make Money Completing Surveys: Learn How To Do

Usually, the survey starts with basic questions about you, like where you live, how old you are, or how many kids you have. But most of the time, the screening process is where it ends for you.

You will not be able to continue with the survey if you do not meet their requirements.

Is the Pay for Online Paid Surveys Good?

Even though some ads say otherwise, you will not make enough money with paid online surveys to quit your full-time job. Most of the short surveys you can take will pay you between $1 and $5, which is not a lot of money.

Sometimes, you will find surveys that pay more than that, or you will have a string of surveys that pay well. But you should not count on this money to pay rent or keep the lights on.

Instead, it would be better to consider the money you earn by taking surveys as extra money you can spend on something you enjoy, like dinner and a movie, a new shirt, or some other small reward.


People looking for extra cash for their daily needs can do online paid surveys. They simply need to be honest with their answers.