How To Find Jobs With Scouted

I know for a fact that job hunting is not an easy feat. After university, I had to wait for almost a year to get a job that paid well and was in line with my college degree. It took a toll on my finances and even my mental health because I was anxious about if I would ever get a job or not. 


Fortunately, my professor introduced me to Scouted, a platform designed to make the job hunting and hiring process easy and appropriate. I was able to find my job on Scouted, and I am proud to say that I am still with that company until this very day. 

Read on and discover more about the app as I share what it is like to apply for a job using Scouted and some features on the platform that you can use to your advantage.   

  • About Scouted: Revolutionizing The Labor Market
  • Getting Started With Scouted
  • The Scouted Virtual Interview
  • Getting Scouted at Scouted
  • Applying For The Job
How To Find Jobs With Scouted
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About Scouted: Revolutionizing The Labor Market

When I first heard about Scouted, I was impressed at how great this platform was and how this would solve the problem of the U.S. hiring system and its ways that are still stuck in the 1980s. Founded by Robin Levine in 2014, Scouted was designed to utilize AI data analytics to help people land the job of their dreams. 

How To Find Jobs With Scouted
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Likened to how Tinder and other dating apps work, Scouted aims to help users fall in love with their jobs.

I knew right away that I would find the job of my dreams with Scouted because it paid attention to potential, emotional intelligence, grit, and culture fit, rather than past experience, connections, and pedigree. 

Scouted has evolved into an end-to-end talent management platform that focuses on matching the right people to the right company. But as I’ve experienced, it does not stop there: from the hiring process, onboarding to the promotions and career shifts, Scouted has been an invaluable tool. 


More Than A Resume

As a new graduate, I knew that I would have difficulty finding a job because employers usually prefer more experience. 

I finished as an average student, so other metrics that employers focus on, such as major, GPA, and past titles, weren’t helpful for me either. 

Scouted helped me move past that and allowed me to showcase my merit and potential to be a team player and eventually work with people who will cultivate and help me grow my career. 

Getting Started With Scouted 

Let me share with you the steps or process in registering for an account on Scouted. It’s a fairly simple and straightforward process to follow. To create an account, I could either link my Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or email address.

How To Find Jobs With Scouted
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After answering a few questions about how I learned about Scouted, I was asked whether my goal was to find my first job, advance my career, or change my career track. I was also asked whether I would start ASAP (within three months) or in the future. 

Then, I was asked about the number of years I have full-time professional experience, the type of high school and college I went to, as well as other certifications. I was also asked to upload my resume. To help companies diversify their pool of employees, a special section on gender, ethnicity, LGTBQ, and veteran status was also included. 

I was then asked about the job functions that I am most interested in. There are several choices to choose from. I was allowed to check as many as I preferred. 

No Discrimination

What I like best about Scouted is that they do not look down on applicants who did not go to college. The term they used for people who did not have college degrees were “people who went to the real world after high school.” 

For me, Scouted has the right mindset when it comes to inclusivity and diversity. It is true to its goal of shifting the focus to skills and potential rather than the established metrics that employers look for. 

My friends who weren’t degree holders successfully landed a job at Scouted, and they have been with the company for five years now. Stories like these prove how Scouted is a true game-changer in the field of hiring and employment. 

The Scouted Virtual Interview 

One of Scouted’s best features is the virtual interview, which allows me to introduce myself and share who I am. This is my chance to show my story beyond my resume and give Scouted the chance to advocate for my employment. 

How To Find Jobs With Scouted
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The virtual interview comprises five pre-determined questions that you have to answer in less than 10 minutes. While not all employers and companies require me to complete the virtual interview to be considered for a job, the virtual interview is my key to unlock all possible job opportunities from Scouted. 

Many hiring managers use this feature as a replacement for their initial phone screening, so completing this might expedite the interview process. The company I applied for and eventually ended up hiring me told me that my virtual interview at Scouted helped me stand out from the rest of the candidates. 

What I like best about the virtual interviews is that it gives future employers something to look at apart from the resume. It can be quite hard for people to understand me and get to know me through a single piece of paper, so I love how Scouted gives me the chance to stand out from the rest. 

The Questions

The questions in the virtual interview are simple, fun to answer, and personal. These questions feel like they were designed to get employers to know my story and humanize me rather than reading from a one-pager. 

The questions are: what I would do during a free weekend, what was one of the major decisions I made on my own, what was the hardest thing I encountered and what I did to overcome it, what I know to be true that others do not agree on, and what is the one question I should have been asked in the interview. 

Completing the virtual interview made me ponder on who I am and also made me reflect on my values. It also made me look back on some of the events that transpired in my life and helped me think about how those shaped me into who I am today, which can be helpful for employers in seeing if I am the right fit for the company. 

Getting Scouted At Scouted

It only took me a week before I finally found a job at Scouted. One thing’s for sure: Scouted will always have something for prospective applicants. It never runs out of recommendations and highlighted roles. 

How To Find Jobs With Scouted
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Applying for a job through the platform is easy. All I have to do is click on one of the job postings to learn more about the job. 

Basic information such as whether it is a full-time or part-time position, the job location, whether it is remote, the target hire count, years of experience needed, and visa sponsorship are shown.

Information To Help Prospective Applicants  

A short yet detailed description of the company culture and expectations of the role are also posted and available to read. A more detailed section on responsibilities and requirements can also be found on the job listing. 

I carefully and thoroughly read all these things because I believe it will help me decide whether or not I am the right fit for the company. 

Applying For The Job

As I’ve mentioned, applying at Scouted only takes the click of the Apply button, and the platform does the rest for me. 

How To Find Jobs With Scouted
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I think I was able to apply for four jobs and was interviewed by all four companies before I decided to take the job I am currently in. 

After clicking on the Apply button, I have the option to withdraw immediately. This won’t affect my chances of getting hired, and this won’t hurt the statistics on my dashboard, which I’ll discuss in the next section. 

The Dashboard

I found that the Dashboard was a helpful tool in keeping track of all my applications. It also gave me an overview of the number of jobs I have opted in and the number of matches, interviews, and offers I received and completed. 


My experience and countless others’ experience on the platform testify how Scouted was able to help people like me land the job of their dreams. It is important that employers and future employees have this kind of platform where employability is redefined and given an entirely new perspective. 

Thanks to Scouted, I found a job that was the right fit for me. Millions of people are fortunate to have Scouted and make the job hunt as easy as using social media. While there is certainly room for improvement, this platform will help millions of people reach their dreams.