General Electric – How to Work For This Global Company

General Electric Company is one of the renowned global companies around the world.

The General Electric Company (GE) got incorporated in April 15, 1892. It has lived through the years waxing stronger and getting better. It is a company led by vision and innovation. It has grown broad in its scope of business. It is both a service-based and product-based company. They offers services ranging from aircraft engines, financing and industrial products, power generation, and oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging. It has offices in 997 locations and has a teeming staff of over 280,000 people.


The services provided by General Electric Company is broadly categorised into eight caregories:

  • Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • Aviation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Lighting
  • Capital segments.

Career at General Electric

Given the scope of services and goods that the company produces, the amount of employment opportunities it provides is enormous and these opportunities are usually scattered across different sector and industries. Staff are needed for sales and finance duties, on-field and engineering jobs, managerial roles and lots more. So building a career at General Electric will give room for flexibility, exposure and experience on some levels that cannot be compared to average companies around. A career at GE is well beyond the work performed. It is a platform to impact on the community, speed up your personal growth and those of your team members, while earning heavily for your impact.

More About General Electric

General Electric is an awesome start point for your career. They offer internship opportunities to fresh graduates and even undergraduate students.

The average salary paid to an employee in GE is $92,675 a year as salaries range from an average of $59,336 to $144,468 a year.


The company offers a variety of benefits to its workers. It offers well planned pension plans, health, dental, and vision insurance. And it also provides group life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness to its workers.

The company also provides Compensation options that range from several incentive programs, the Impact Award for everyday recognition, to the covered annual Chairman’s Award.

How to Apply

The innovation led high-tech industrial company, with presence worldwide, is not one to be stumbled into. It is a company in which potential staff have to work hard to get into. They employ only the best hands hence, some people apply for years and still don’t get employed. Relevant and timely information in conjunction with the right tips are required to ensure your entry into the company staff list. Mass hiring process at GE occurs once yearly, although some minor appointments are done at other times during the year. So, you have to continuously be on the lookout for their publications and and don’t get weary of applying.