Discover Tips for Finding a Job with Jobacle

When I graduated college, I sought career advice on finding a job fit for my skill set. I also wanted to know what to expect in a workplace, how to deal with bosses, and how to best handle conflicts with my fellow workers.

Thankfully, I found the Jobacle site, which provides comprehensive career advice through its blog entries. Moreover, it is a great site to look for a job.


Below, you will learn how Jobacle helps users with career advice and how I landed a job using this site.

  • Jobacle – More than Just a Job Site
  • Exploring the Home Page
  • Reading the Career Advice Blog
  • Understanding the Career Advice Blog Categories
  • Finding a Job Using Jobacle
  • Applying for Jobable Job Postings
  • Resources for Choosing a Career

Discovering Jobacle – More than Just a Job Site

After graduation, I was struggling with how to find the best resources for landing jobs quickly. Luckily, I stumbled upon an online article featuring the Jobacle career advice blog.

Image Source: Jobacle

The article piqued my interest immediately after learning that the person behind the site has suffered several painful job experiences before.


In 2005, Andrew G. Rosen wondered why limited resources about careers truly spoke to him. Rosen created the site solely for employees and job seekers who may be struggling with their current job or looking for a job.

Its original goal was to give job seekers an idea of how to do a job and perform well in the workplace.

Jobacle on the Rise

Jobacle’s sincerity in helping others has helped the platform gain the attention of employees, job seekers, and even publications.


Jobacle has been featured in major media and publications such as The Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Globe & Mail, NBC, Reuters, Nielsen, The Ladders, BBC Radio 4, SIRIUS Radio, Fast company and more.

Through them, I discovered the site. Jobacle continues to gain more readers as many blog sites and podcasts feature it.

Exploring the Home Page

Jobacle was easy to explore because of its organized tabs and functions.  For example, upon landing on the home page of Jobacle, the site showed seven main tabs – Home, Career Advice Blog, Career News, Find a Job, Blog Archive, About Us, and Contact Us.

Image Source: Jobacle

Upon scrolling, you will find a number of blog articles featured right on the front page to give you a jump start in finding information that could be helpful to you.

The home page also displays when a new Career Advice Podcast episode has been released, as well as a place to sign up to receive daily career advice right to your email inbox.

Explore Jobacle with its Search Function

Further down the homepage is a large search bar to be able to search for keywords throughout the site.

I typed in the search keyword “remote” to find articles about remote working, and the site provided five articles directly related to my search term, and then over 100 articles afterward that mention my keyword.

Reading the Career Advice Blog

One of the things I liked about the site was its organized content. I never had difficulty looking for the information or advice because they were labeled correctly and categorized. For example, everything was on the “Career Advice Blog” tab.

Image Source: Jobacle

The blog entries on the site were in reverse chronological order, with the latest post on top. When I was looking for an interesting blog entry to read, the site provided the title of the blog together with its respective author.

Jobacle shows a snippet of each blog entry, usually the introduction, to pique the readers’ interest. Next, I saw where the entries were filed under which category and the tags with the title, author, and snippet.

Career Advice Blog Entries

When I clicked the blog entry title, the site opened a new tab to access the entire article. Jobacle writes each blog entry comprehensively for a general audience.

Jobacle also welcomes comments from its readers underneath each blog post. This feature encourages users to interact on the site and with each other.

Understanding the Career Advice Blog Categories

I liked how Jobacle categorizes its articles so that readers can access related articles easily. It saves me time searching when I can simply look for a particular category for the advice I seek.

The post categories also show the wide range of content Jobacle has. For example, the “All About Bosses” post category alone has 19 blog entries.

Post categories include Career Advice, Career Podcast, Choose Your Career, Commuting to Work, Contests, Coworkers, Fake Job Offers, Gen Y Career, How to Quit a Job, interview Help, Job Vent, Resume Templates, Side Hustle, and many more.

Career News

As a job seeker, it is important to be updated on the happenings in the business world related to my field. Jobacle helps keep me posted on recent events or important news through the “Career News” tab.

Jobacle is linked to another site called AllTop. Here, I could find news about current events in my field of business. It was packed with news on technology, lifestyle, business, and others.

There were also links to other popular business sites like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Harvard Business Review, and more. The site also listed all the most popular stories so that the readers could be on top of everything happening.

Finding a Job Using Jobacle

Aside from career advice, I was able to land a job with the help of Jobacle. Even though the site mentions that it does not offer job listings, it still provides a way for job seekers to find job vacancies through the “Find a Job” tab.

Like any other job searching site, Jobacle allowed me to search for job titles and locations. However, Jobacle requires both fields to be filled out, so I included my desired location along with my desired job title.

The job title must be clear and definitive as there are no advanced search feature settings on the site. For example, job seekers should type “account manager,” “sales agent,” “software engineer,” “finance consultant,” etc.

However, there were two filters available to adjust my results. I can filter the result by setting the location within a range of 5 miles to 100 miles. Also, I can sort the posts based on when they were posted.

Job Search Result

Jobacle does not allow companies to post job vacancies on the site. Instead, it searches for vacancies across various job search platforms online today. Jobacle compiles all the job postings from different job search sites, resulting in a gigantic search that displays more opportunities.

The job search result on Jobacle was in a list format that showed the respective job title, company name, office location, and job description overview.

In addition, some of the job postings also include a company summary. Jobacle also indicates job vacancies that were recently posted on their respective sites.

Applying for Jobable Job Postings

In order to apply for a job found on the site, Jobacle will navigate you off-site to the job search platform from where the listing came.

Most of the time, you’re redirected to LinkedIn as the job posting is hosted there, and Jobacle is inclined to host sources that are legit and reliable.

Then, I can proceed with the application process as indicated by the company on the job listing platform. Some companies require me to send my requirements through the job search sites, while some require that they be sent directly to their respective company websites.

Resume Templates on Jobacle

In its commitment to helping its readers find better work, Jobacle hosts resume templates.

These templates come alongside guides on how to properly format your resume, whether to use a creative or technical resume, and how to write a resume objective.

Resources for Choosing a Career

For recent graduates and people feeling unfulfilled in their current careers, the blog category “Choose Your Career” helps readers discover what their next career step could be.

Some of the articles in this section include resources for budding lawyers on passing the BAR exam, choosing an MBA specialization, and whether a career in nursing or real estate is right for you.

You can also find a closer look at a number of different career paths to see if one could be a good fit for you. You can find articles on pursuing a career with a yacht crew, as a professional transportation driver, as a ghostwriter, or as an accountant.

Using Jobacle for Freelancing

While Jobacle can offer advice on beginning a career in a number of industries, it can also help freelancers get more work in their chosen fields.

Some articles include information on time management, avoiding burnout, and how to effectively manage downtime and holidays.


Jobacle is not a typical job search site because it focuses on providing career advice rather than hosting job listings. It has a wide range of topics that promise to help employees with their careers or current work.