Doka Group – Work in Construction For This Company

Doka is like a doorway to opportunities a lot of people do not get the privilege to. It’s fast paced conducive environment gives the required atmosphere for growth and development. It’s a very important to value understanding to work at Doka which in the long run will aid your personal relationship with others.

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More About Doka Group

As earlier said, doka’s secret of 150 years of customer benefit is all hinged on the tradition of understanding. This necessarily means understanding the world as seen through eyes of her customers and learning to understand all aspects as well as thinking ahead. Diligence is also important to doka as there is a passion about not being satisfied with first solution that might solve a problem but rather fine tuning till an advantageous position for their customer is attained.

Doka is most times attributed with a 150 year family history. Nevertheless, its customers worldwide benefit from values they inculcate from it such as reliability, experience, and trustworthiness. Globally, these values provide Doka a solid foundation  for developing and selling high quality form work solutions. With all these, doka helps her customers build even more efficiently, better and safer.

Moreover, doka has a widespread reach of about 160 Locations worldwide in 5 continents, 70 countries with 6,700 employees worldwide. This statistics makes it very clear that doka has a large workforce which would aid networking and open way for lots of opportunities to employees at doka. Understanding which is the secret DNA at Doka is being utilized in a couple of ways to guarantee marginal utility of customers. Some of this ways are understanding the markets by setting up over 160 sales and logistics departments  across 70 countries to ensure customers receive full and quick support for their projects, understanding the construction site as a whole and helping customers achieve more with fewer expenditures with three crucial values( efficiency, safety and handling). Sustainability and understanding the future are important core values embraced by this company too.


Benefits of Working at Doka Group

At Doka, you get to feel the dignity in labour by handling top notch projects which end up receiving worldwide recognition and also aiding the masses at the same time. Also, Doka’s global presence gives the opportunity to broaden your horizon time and again by meeting new people and foreign cultures as an , not just remuneration.

In addition to this, doka umdasch academy provides practical and consequent training of the most important skills, competencies and methods necessary for international and sustainable success. Other benefits are helping employees with housing,  discounts on meals abroad, flexibility and support to further mobility.

How to apply for Job at Doka Group

If interested in becoming an associate at doka group, necessary procedures ought to be followed and it all bothers down to effective use of the company’s website.  Your application is the first step and once submitted , it’s the companies’ turn to show how much they really value and care about its future employees. Doka looks at applications as a credit of trust it wants to live up to. While trying to get a job at Doka, beware of recruitment fraud. It’s important you only click and open tabs on the company’s website.