BASF – Learn How to Work at This Global Company

I have always seen people down on the use and manufacturing of chemicals due to their stigma, with many saying that these are harmful to our health. While this may be the case for some, I believe that not all chemicals are the same.

There are chemicals that make up the bulk of what I use in daily life. From being used in pesticides to food storage options, chemicals are present in just about everything I use today. I think it’s safe to say that not all chemicals are harmful to us and even the environment.


With the extensive role chemicals play, I believe that joining one of the leaders in the chemicals industry, such as BASF, is a no-brainer. Get to know how to find a job with this company and what benefits it has to offer.

  • Get to Know BASF
  • What Employees Can Expect When Joining the BASF Team
  • Workplace Environment and Culture
  • Finding Relevant Positions at the Company
  • How to Apply for a BASF Job
BASF – Learn How to Apply for a Job
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Get to Know BASF

I discovered that BASF stands for Badische Annilin und Soda Fabrik, which is German for Baden Aniline and Soda Factory. Founded in 1865, BASF is known as a German multinational company and the biggest chemical producer throughout the world. Its headquarters is based in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

BASF – Learn How to Apply for a Job
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I find it quite fascinating that the company specializes in the production of various chemical products such as plastics, performance chemicals, coatings, crop technology, crude oil, natural gas exploration and production, and catalysts.


As of writing, BASF currently has more than 112,000 people working for the company in different parts of the globe. It operates its business across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, with joint ventures and subsidiaries throughout 80 countries and 390 production sites.

Why Work for BASF

With the extensive reach and coverage of BASF, working with over 190 countries, I think it’s quite clear why many individuals want to work for the company. One of these is that it plays a large role in providing essential products across various segments and needs.

Moreover, the company thrives in a culture of innovation. I believe that joining BASF will help me contribute further to its technologies and do my part in helping the world, particularly with its sustainability and environmental work.


The company also provides people like me with a supportive work environment. More than giving a competitive compensation package, there are tons of learning and career development opportunities I can come across while working in the corporation.

What Employees Can Expect When Joining the BASF Team

Let’s face it, one of the most important factors that employees and candidates look forward to when joining any company is the compensation. What I find great about BASF is that it goes beyond the base pay and instead, focuses on what they call the competitive total compensation.

BASF – Learn How to Apply for a Job
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This compensation system allows employees like me to take part in BASF’s economic and financial performance benefits. Here, base pay programs are market competitive. There are also different types of allowances given depending on the need.

I have discovered that BASF gives bonuses through its attractive variable pay programs. The management ensures that not only am I evaluated for my performance in the company, but that I am rewarded for my contributions as well.

There are also sales incentive plans offered by the company. However, this is only open to eligible individuals and sales positions. These people will be rewarded accordingly for their outstanding sales performance.

Other Work Benefits

There are other work benefits that I look forward to and this includes healthcare. BASF shows that it is committed to keeping its employees safe and healthy with different healthcare benefits. These include health insurance, access to fitness programs, accident insurance, and many others.

I appreciate that BASF also provides retirement benefits. It provides support to employees like me who are preparing for retirement even when there are still some ways to go. To this end, the company provides matched contributions.

Work-life balance is something I greatly value. BASF shows that they value this as well by providing vacation time for employees to rest and relax. Best of all, BASF’s vacation policies typically exceed the legal requirements, giving more vacation days and time to spend.

Workplace Environment and Culture

The chemicals industry is definitely a fast-paced one, what with BASF producing different products left and right. Given this, BASF ensures that I, alongside many other employees, have an attractive workplace to thrive in.

BASF – Learn How to Apply for a Job
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The workplace is complete with all the infrastructure and resources one might need to conduct research, such as instruments and equipment. Since we’re constantly dealing with chemicals and other types of products, the company also goes to lengths to ensure that the environment is safe to work in.

I also want to mention that BASF takes pride in having an inclusive and diverse workforce. Here, I can say that people come from different backgrounds and walks of life, all of who bring their skills and talent into the field.

With the workplace ever-evolving, I am glad that BASF has flexible work arrangements for its employees. These include remote arrangements while some countries under the company have a smart work approach. Here, employees can gain access to digital onboardings and training, as well as get modern IT equipment and VPN access for their home use.

Emphasis on Employee Growth and Development

The chemicals industry is one of the most demanding sectors. BASF empowers people like me to further hone my skills and knowledge by providing me with opportunities to learn. There are different training aspects, career patterns, and assignments that I can try my hand on.

Learning opportunities range from classroom-based lectures and teachings to learning on the job. I find these opportunities to be useful in boosting not only my work performance but also helping me further my career goals.

Finding Relevant Positions at the Company

Before anything else, I want to reiterate that BASF is not a job search platform. Instead, it is a chemicals company. Thankfully, those who want to work at the firm can browse jobs available on its dedicated careers page.

BASF – Learn How to Apply for a Job
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Upon visiting this page, I am greeted with all of the job openings available at the company. As of writing, I noticed that there are 2,131 open positions at BASF. I can browse through these until I find a job I like.

Another way I can find a career opening at BASF is by typing in the keyword in the search bar located on the page, such as the position I’m interested in working in and looking for this. This will bring up results that fulfill my target role.

Refining the Job Search Results

While I can just browse through the job postings on BASF’s careers page, going through thousands of opportunities can be quite tedious. Although the search function does not have filters, I can just fill out the search bar and other sections to the best of my ability.

There are five sections or fields that need to be answered. These include the location, job type, job level, the corresponding field of work, and the relevant keywords.

By filling these sections out and answering these details, I can get more accurate results that fall in line with my skills, interests, and level.

How to Apply for a BASF Job

Once I have determined the right posting for me, all I need to do is tap on the ‘Apply now’  button to proceed. This lets me create my own profile and upload my CV, cover letter, and even references, making it a hassle-free job search.

BASF – Learn How to Apply for a Job
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New users like me only need around 15 minutes to make a profile. I need to provide my username or email address. Then, I can fill out a series of pages, such as my personal information, educational and work experience, and the like.

Once I have already coursed my application, the team at BASF will review it. If I meet their criteria, I will be invited for a telephone interview before moving forward. In general, the whole application process can take around two to three months before a job offer is given.

What I find great about BASF’s application is that I can send an unsolicited application if there are no suitable jobs for me at the moment. To do this, I would need to provide my desired work country and the business field I want to focus on. There are varied options that I can choose from.

What You Need to Know

BASF has other subsidiary companies such as BASF Metals in London, BASF Pharma in Callanish, and BASF Agricultural Specialties Ltd. I discovered that there is a different way I should apply when it comes to these firms.

Instead of coursing my application to these locations, I would need to send an email to with my CV and cover letter.

Alternatively, I can also send my application, including my CV and cover letter as well, to their PO box located at HR Department, BASF plc, PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 6QG.

The Takeaway

BASF boasts of tons of career opportunities for just about everyone. With the benefits it provides and its competitive atmosphere, it does not surprise me that there are many keen applicants.

Plus. the application process is a breeze since I can do everything on the company website rather than looking at other platforms.


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